MONTICELLO — A death of a 12-year-old Lafayette boy June 27 while he was aboard an amusement park ride at Indiana Beach has been ruled undetermined.

White County Coroner Anthony G. Deibel released a statement Aug. 7 saying that Brayden Cooper’s autopsy revealed no trauma, injury, congenital abnormalities or toxins.

Deibel noted that Cooper had a recent upper respiratory infection prior to his death, but stated the boy’s past medical history was otherwise “unremarkable.”

“Based on all information known to me at this time, I have no determination as to the cause of death of Brayden Cooper,” Deibel stated.

Cooper was riding the Hoosier Hurricane ride at Indiana Beach amusement park when he suddenly became unresponsive. The Monticello Fire Department was the first to respond to the scene and transported Cooper to Indiana University Health White Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Deibel said because of the “close proximity” of the recent upper respiratory infection to his sudden death, he looked at the possibility of myocarditis — an inflammation of the heart muscle — as a cause.

Deibel stated that inflammation of the heart muscle is most commonly caused by viral infections and can cause sudden death.

“Although no diagnosis of myocarditis was made by the microscopic examination of the heart, the inflammation is often focal and may not have been present in the sections of the heart examined microscopically,” he said.

Deibel said Cooper’s family chose for the boy to be a tissue and organ donor.