Health Hub website

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The Health Hub ( tool is an online resource that provides guidance on mental health.

WEST LAFAYETTE — Valley Oaks Health launched its latest online tool in their quest to extend its services to broader and more far-reaching communities.

The Health Hub ( tool is an online resource that provides guidance on mental health. With everything from encyclopedic resources and guides to common disorders to practical and alternative approaches to mental health care, the Health Hub promises to help countless visitors.

The new web resource includes a wealth of mental health topics, including descriptions of disorders and their symptoms. The site is packed with rich amounts of data while offering practical advice and guidance on alternative treatments and healthy lifestyle options are a focal point to help everyone better manage their mental health.

Most importantly, the Hub is continually updated, curating the latest podcasts, videos, articles, and reports to keep people up to date at all times.

The project is the result of hundreds of hours of work from the staff at Valley Oaks.

“Our team really worked to build something we felt could provide a large additional benefit to the communities we serve,” said Dr. Monique Kulkarni, senior director of clinical services at Valley Oaks Health.

As the local community mental health provider (CMHC), Valley Oaks is tasked with improving the general mental health of the communities it serves. That means their work extends beyond clients and into the community. The Health Hub is just one way in which Valley Oaks has begun to step up to that challenge.

To bring the idea to life, the Valley Oaks leadership tapped Indiana market research and strategy firm, Crane + Grey. Having designed websites and experiences ranging from The Week magazine to software that tracks terrorist cells, the firm was instrumental in helping to develop the strategy and bring it to life.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work on something that will positively impact so many lives here in Indiana,” said Marc Oestreich, Partner, and Creative Lead at Crane + Grey. “We absolutely believe that the Health Hub resource has the potential to be on par with health resources like WebMD or Livestrong.”

Valley Oaks leadership has high hopes for the new endeavor, ranging from using the tool as a resource in addition to their therapeutic practice to using it to help integrate mental health lessons directly into local school systems.

“We imagine a world where high school students will visit the website as a class project,” said Zoe Frantz, chief strategy officer at Valley Oaks. “They’ll watch videos, listen to podcasts, read articles, and learn about their mental health together.”