Planning has started for the 2019 Tippecanoe County 4-H Queen Pageant, the 60th Anniversary Pageant.

Alll former Miss Tippecanoe County Queens are invited as honored guests at the 2019 evening pageant on Saturday, July 20, 2019 at the 4-H Fairgrounds in the Coliseum.

6:30-7:30 pm — Check-in/Registration of past Queens. Gathering to mix & mingle of past Miss Tippecanoe County’s and their families in the Junior Leader Tent, directly across from the Coliseum. Sodas available for purchase in the Junior Leader Tent.

8:00 pm — 2019 Miss Tippecanoe County Pageant in the Coliseum. During the pageant all past Miss Tippecanoe County Queens will be introduced on stage. After the formal wear completion, all former Queens will go backstage to be introduced on stage. After these introductions, a photo of the group will be taken on stage.

Dress is “garden party” — i.e. summer dresses, rompers, blouse & pants or skirt (Not formal wear) Open seating for other family members is available in the Coliseum bleachers. Pageant Programs are available for purchase the night of the pageant.

Former Queens please RSVP by July 15.

Past Queens remember how special participating in the pageant was to their 4-H experience, and the wonderful feeling of being crowned Queen. Pageant contestants learn valuable life skills and develop friendships through the series of workshops in the months prior to the pageant. The pageant is a valuable growth and development opportunity, much like an additional 4-H project and requires a substantial investment of time to participate.

Last year, 9 outstanding 4-H’ers participated in the pageant, with the evening pageant being held at the fairgrounds in front of a packed coliseum audience of thousands. Rylie Miller, a 10 year 4-H member and student at Purdue University, was crowned 2018 Queen and had a wonderful week at the fair. She is enjoying representing Tippecanoe County at community and state events.

Past Queens should email Jennifer Lew Davis, Miss Tippecanoe County 1992, their updated contact information at or contact the Extension Office. Even if unable to attend the pageant, please contact the committee and provide them with an update, they would like to hear from all former queens.

The Tippecanoe County 4-H Queen Pageant is supported by generous donations.

You can send or drop off donations to the Extension Office address above, c/o Becky Risch. If you are making a donation as an individual, please make sure to include your name and contact information. When making a donation from a business, they would like for you to send your business card, business logo, or any changes in your business/organization’s name or contact person (if donating as a business). They will use the information for the 60th Anniversary Programs for the night of the contest.

The 2019 Donations Committee Chair is Becky Risch. If you would like to see how organizations are represented in the printed program, call Becky Risch at 765-543-5989 or email at

  • Former Miss Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair Queens (= State Fair Queen)

Year Name

1959 Patricia Boylard Graff

1960 Zua Johnson German

1961 Rita Strawsma Quattrocchi

1962 Diana Morgan Fulks

1963 Ruth VanSchepen Adams

1964 Donna Mugg Macy

1965 Pamela Brandt Harshbarger

1966 Reatha Long

1967 Janelle Dexter Abbring

1968 Glenda Miller

1969 Tanya Bible Johnson

1970 Linda Lahrman Moore

1971 Mary Plumlee Kersten

1972 Theresa Dahnke Craig

1973 Coleen Oswalt Gregory

1974 Ruth Ann Noris Townsend

1975 Deb Cristy Reel

  • 1976 Carole Lynn Fox Porritt
  • 1977 Benita Landis O’Connell

1978 Trudi Rooze Tull

1979 Carrie Trout Johnson

1980 Cindy Deckard Keough

1981 Cathy Newell Bradley

1982 Sonya Spiker Schwartz

1983 Jennie Thieme LaReau

1984 Tamara O’Brien House

1985 Susan Slayton

1986 Lisa Boehm Etter

1987 Lisa Petit

1988 Melissa McCormick Carroll

1989 Angela Warner Allen

1990 Kimberely Boehm Harvey

1991 Jennifer Mosely Keiser

1992 Jennifer Lew Davis

1993 Anne Fry Harman

1994 Jennifer Cline Armstrong

  • 1995 Gina Quattrocchi Loggins

1996 Diana Boehm Anderson

1997 Brenda DeFreese Denham

1998 Susan Brown

1999 Karen Rumble Peters

2000 Rachel Adams

2001 Sarah Adams

2002 Grace BerningerCadwallader

2003 Nicole Pollard Plowman

2004 Kellie Rumba

2005 Mary Douglas Miracle

2006 Dana Brewer Lawrence

2007 Anna Strasburger Musser

2008 Lauren Ratcliff Sulkowski

2009 Maggie Jae House Budreau

2010 Sabrina Catron

  • 2011 Erika Burghardt

2012 McKailey Carson

2013 Layne Lumley Reichart

2014 Riley Mineart

2015 Nora Chidalek

2016 Rebekah Cunningham

2017 Madison McCoy

2018 Rylie Miller