Córdova Recreational Sports Center’s Wellness Suite offers a variety of programs for the campus community. These programs are designed to work toward participants’ health and wellness goals and do not require participants to have a Recreation & Wellness, or RecWell, membership.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy involves manipulating muscle and connective tissue to enhance performance, facilitate the body’s natural healing process and promote relaxation. Certified massage therapists offer 60- and 90-minute massages, hot stone massages, and aromatherapy. Massage benefits include improved energy and concentration; increased joint flexibility and range of motion; decreased muscle and migraine pain; decreased stress, depression and anxiety; and improved quality of sleep. Evening and Saturday appointment options are available.

Massage therapy services are open to Purdue affiliates only. Purdue Recreation & Wellness defines “affiliate” as a person who qualifies for a Recreation & Wellness membership.

Demonstration Kitchen

A variety of cooking demonstrations are held in the Demonstration Kitchen at the Recreational Sports Center, or “Co-Rec,” throughout the year.

Cooking demonstrations are $10 each and are held at 7-8 p.m. Free parking is available after 5 p.m. in the Co-Rec parking lot. Each demonstration will provide an interactive cooking experience, sampling of four to five recipes and take-home recipe cards.

Cooking demonstrations are open to Purdue affiliates, and participants should register at least 24 hours in advance of the program. Sign up for cooking demonstrations online (choose “Nutrition Education” to view scheduled demonstrations) or by visiting Member Services at the Co-Rec. The spring schedule of cooking demonstrations is available online.

The Demonstration Kitchen is also available for private cooking demonstrations for staff or club retreats, residence hall programs or sorority and fraternity programs. Groups can choose from a variety of menus, and cooking instructors will take care of grocery shopping, preparation and cleanup.

The Demonstration Kitchen is also available for rental for meetings, celebrations and team building. The kitchen can be reserved for students, faculty and staff.

Light therapy

Light therapy involves exposing participants to artificial light, which can alleviate seasonal affective disorder and other conditions. During a light therapy session, patients sit near the light box and can read, work on a laptop, eat or talk on the phone. Sessions are offered in short blocks of time (10-15 minutes) or longer blocks of time (30-60 minutes). Light therapy may increase energy levels, improve mood, treat jet lag and other sleep disorders, alleviate symptoms of depression, increase effectiveness of antidepressant medication and/or mental health counseling.

Additional wellness services

Other wellness services include Wellness on Demand, which provides free presentations for student groups and classrooms about any of various topics including healthy eating, time management, prescription drug use and mindfulness; Wellness Coaching, one-on-one sessions to develop health and wellness goals and create a path for healthy change; and alcohol education for organizations or classrooms.

Purdue faculty and staff can purchase a membership for $34 per month.

For more information on additional programs, visit the RecWell website here or call 765-496-1788.