Mosey Down Main Street is synonymous with the lively atmosphere of downtown mixed with a business community that stays open for business whenever it’s given the chance.

The next Mosey is July 9.

Moseys start at 6 p.m. and continue for five hours, allowing locals who line the streets to enjoy a relaxed evening of live music, strolling and the arts.

The event is now in its ninth year and is still going strong, with five Moseys total planned for the year. After the July event, only two Moseys are left, on Aug. 13 and Sept. 3.

Artists are stationed sporadically along the thoroughfare, while businesses that would normally close their doors early stay open for customers.

During previous Moseys, four stages hosted about four acts each during the evening, with each stage sponsored by a different local business.

In the course of the evening, thousands of people mill in and out of shops, just like in shopping districts found in larger cities.

Stages are set up along Main Street, where musical acts provide entertainment throughout the evening.

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