What is CHIRP?

CHIRP or Children and Hoosier’s Immunization Registry Program is a state database used to record, manage, and share vaccine data between registered medical providers throughout the state of Indiana. These providers include health departments, hospitals, schools, and pharmacies. All medical providers in the state of Indiana are legally required to record vaccine data for children under the age of nineteen within seven days. We strongly encourage medical providers to enter ALL vaccine data to provide efficient access to accurate immunization records for patients of all ages.

What is MyVaxIndiana?

MyVaxIndiana is an immunization portal that allows personal access to a vaccine record from a personal computer. To gain access, a registered CHIRP provider, mainly healthcare providers and local health departments, will assign a patient PIN number. This PIN number will allow patient access to the requested record. Several options exist for viewing and saving records including the ability to download the official immunization record, print and save the record, or have the record mailed or faxed.

More information about CHIRP and MyVaxIndiana is available online at https://www.in.gov/isdh/26603.htm.

For questions, please contact Khala Hochstedler, Nursing Supervisor, Tippecanoe County Health Department at 765-423-9222 ext 1.