Franciscan Health

LAFAYETTE — This week Franciscan Health announced that it will transition to a new model of care for mental health services. Franciscan Health will open a crisis stabilization unit named Franciscan EmPATH on Tuesday, June 18, 2019.

Franciscan EmPATH, which stands for Emergency Psychiatric Assessment, Treatment and Healing, will be located at Franciscan Health Lafayette East. The unit, the first of its kind in Indiana, will use an innovative, patient-centered approach to treat and stabilize patients experiencing a psychiatric crisis. In 2016, the Mental Healthcare Forum of Tippecanoe County’s strategic plan recommended the creation of this type of unit to improve the continuum of care for mental health patients in our area. The goal of the Franciscan EmPATH unit is to help coordinate access to services across providers.

“The new structure will allow us to treat patients with diagnosed mental health conditions quicker, and in a setting that is calming and more conducive to treatment,” said Terry Wilson, president and CEO, Franciscan Health Western Indiana. “We feel Franciscan EmPATH will be a great complement to our community’s current mental health services.”

Adult psychiatric patients will be admitted through the Emergency Department where they will be medically cleared before being transferred to Franciscan EmPATH. Once admitted to the EmPATH unit, patients will receive an immediate assessment and can be quickly transitioned to treatment or have medications administered if needed. A comprehensive plan of care will be developed for each patient. The average length of stay is expected to be 10 to 12 hours, with a maximum stay of 23 hours. Patients will be stabilized and discharged with an outpatient treatment plan and appointments or they will be admitted to an inpatient facility.

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