WHEATFIELD — In baseball terminology, a “can of corn” is an easy pop fly to catch or an easy play in general. So what was up with Coach Doug Nelson asking for a can of corn (or two) to gain admission to the annual Red and White Girls’ Basketball scrimmage?

The team held their annual scrimmage on Wednesday, Oct. 30, starting early in the evening at 5 p.m. The varsity, in red, took on the junior varsity in white. The freshman team also took several turns on the court.

So what about the corn? In lieu of buying tickets to the scrimmage, Nelson and the girls asked that everyone attending either bring a couple of cans of corn or money that could be used to buy canned corn that will be donated to the 500 Turkeys charity.

500 Turkeys is now in its 11th year of existence and seeks to provide complete Thanksgiving meals to those in need. The group, started in 2009, with the mission of providing a meal for 500 families. They succeeded and the number of families has grown each year. In 2018, the group was able to provide 1,550 families with a full box of food to take home and prepare.

“This was a great opportunity for the kids to play in front of people before we scrimmage against LaPorte,” said Nelson, who thanked all for supporting not only the girls basketball team but also for supporting a great cause.

The three teams played a total of six quarters with an eight minute running clock for each quarter.