Taylor Schoonveld

Photo by Tom Sparks

KV sophomore Taylor Schoonveld controls the ball as Lowell’s Traci Webb closes the gap to defend.

LOWELL — In back-to-back games due to a reschedule, the Lady Kougars over came a tough Lowell Lady Red Devils team on Wednesday, Sept. 4, and absolutely mauled the visiting Merrillville Lady Pirates on Thursday. Both games were technically “home” games for KV but, due to a scheduling issue, the Lowell game was played at Lowell.

At Lowell, Mya Herrema scored first for the Lady Kougars when she scored off a perfectly placed free-kick by Karmen Nowak in the 21st minute of the game. Nowak would score herself ten minutes later.

Kankakee Valley kept up the offensive pressure throughout the game and shots on goal came often. The Lady Kougars hit the posts more often than former Bears Kicker Cody Parkey with the iron providing more defense than the Keeper.

“We had a lot of good shots,” mused Coach Audrey Johnson. “We just hit the posts a lot tonight.”

Kougar Keeper Courtney Fox was golden as she stopped everything that came her way, notching seven saves. She was quick to credit the team effort.

“We are a close team,” said Fox. “We communicate well and can depend on each other.”

The following night, those clankers didn’t happen as the team scored on the visiting Lady Pirates early and often in a 9 – 1 drubbing of Merrillville.

KV again took a multitude of shots and Heerema found the back of the net just one minute into the game. Just two minutes later she put in another boomer.

Six other Lady Kougars would add to the total with eight goals coming in the first half. Ten minutes in, Taylor Schoonveld scored and in the 12th minute, Carley Riffett scored on a penalty kick awarded due to a foul in the box. Barely one minute later, Morgan Moslow boomed another zinger and two minutes after that, Kate Thomas did the same. Schoonveld would score her second in the 19th minute and Nowak would nail a long free kick in the 27th minute.

After the break, Chloe VanderMeer would score one final time for KV two minutes into the half. Keeper Fox needed just five saves on the night, while Lady Pirate Keepers Kaylee Connor and Katie Hyland combined for 10 saves but allowed the nine goals.