WHEATFIELD — Coach James Broyles and the Football Kougars got their chance to test themselves against another team last Friday but winning wasn’t the name of the game. The focus of this game was performance and responsibility.

In front of a fairly large crowd at home in Kankakee Valley’s new football stadium, the Kougars took on the Boone Grove Wolves in a scrimmage match-up. The squads were run through several series of plays and coverages.

The coaches had agreed ahead of time to go with Scrimmage Option B which featured 150 minutes of time, including breaks, or 106 total plays, whichever occurred first. With coaches actually out on the field with them, the teams then were put through their paces as if they were in actual game situations.

Each team started at their own 35-yard-line with a round of either 15 plays or 18 minutes of possession before taking a four-minute break. That was followed by a 10 play or 12 minute round for each team from 10-yards out from the goal-line. After another break, it was 12 plays or 12 minutes from their opponent’s 25-yard-line.

The last two rounds both consisted of eight plays or eight minutes but were to feature reserve players that had not yet set foot on the field. No kicking plays of any kind were allowed in the scrimmage but an actual crew of officials did manage the game.

The coaches were able to better assess the readiness of their players by observing them and, at the same time, give suggestions and critiques in real time. Scores weren’t kept, at least they weren’t on the scoreboard, but pride was definitely on the players’ minds.

Both teams managed to catch each other by surprise on several occasions and it was apparent that both teams also found some items to work on in the next week before actual games begin.

The game also provided more time for the Kougars to get used to playing on the artificial turf in the new stadium and under a new type of lighting.

Kankakee Valley will play their first real game of the season against their in-county rivals, the Rensselaer Central Bombers on Friday, Aug. 23, at 7 p.m.