On Friday, Dec. 6, the DeMotte Chamber of Commerce, along with donations from Republic Services, Kali Apparel, Financial Arts, Inc. and McColly Realty, hosted Santa and Mrs. Claus for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at Spencer Park.

MERRIVILLE — With the holidays in full swing, calls from scammers to our homes and businesses posing as NIPSCO employees continue to rise—an issue impacting many energy companies around the United States.

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MERRIVILLE — With the holidays in full swing, calls from scammers to our homes and businesses posing as NIPSCO employees continue to rise—an issue impacting many energy companies around the United States.

DEMOTTE — A DeMotte man was arrested the day after Thanksgiving after the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a physical domestic disturbance, according to a press release…

DEMOTTE — The Lady Knights used aggressive play to outlast the visiting LaCrosse Tigers on Saturday, Dec. 7, by a score of 44 – 33. The CC girls were led by a slashing Skylar Bos who drove the lane ferociously and would end with 15 points on the night. Bos, just a freshman, played with the a…

Our dog Molly was barking more than usual on the back deck a few nights ago while outside on her evening “duty-call.” Investigating, it appeared she’d cornered a raccoon, perhaps attracted by …

WHEATFIELD — KV senior Alexandra Saxon became the second member of the 2019 Kankakee Valley Girls Golf team to sign to continue her golf career in college. In front of family, friends and her …

WHEATFIELD – On Friday, Dec. 6, the Lady Kougars roasted the visiting Lady Red Devils 63 – 42 despite playing without senior Sam Martin who is nursing an ankle injury. Fellow senior Courtney S…


WHEATFIELD — The Kougar Boys’ Basketball team may have been beaten twice over last weekend but in the second game, held on Saturday, Dec. 7, Kankakee Valley came this close to an upset over th…

DEMOTTE — Last week, the DeMotte Chamber of Commerce joined two local businesses in a ribbon cutting ceremony for each. On Thursday, The Ci Insurance office celebrated the merger of Consolidated Insurance with Century Insurance to create Ci Insurance located at 824 S. Halleck St. On Friday, …

FAIR OAKS — The DeMotte Chamber of Commerce held its annual awards dinner Thursday night at the Farmhouse Restaurant at Fair Oaks Farms with outgoing Chamber President Rosemary Weeks announcing the new executive officers for the next term. Derek Stengenga of DSB Wealth Management as incoming…

The year 1971 was important for economic development in Indiana. For in that year, the actual number of jobs created in firms attracted directly by government policies declined.

Our dog Molly was barking more than usual on the back deck a few nights ago while outside on her evening “duty-call.” Investigating, it appeared she’d cornered a raccoon, perhaps attracted by the residual odors of grilled pork steaks I’d cooked on the deck earlier.

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The holiday season is full of plans and activities that make December incredibly hectic. If you are the average American, tax considerations and financial adjustments are pretty low on your holiday to-do list. However, you are not the average American — you enjoy saving money, are diligent in seeking ways to save, and excellent at following through with your plans. We can help by offering these potential money-saving tips to take to save on this year's taxes.

  1. Make Maximum Retirement Contributions – If you can afford to do so, max out your contributions to tax-deferred savings plans. For the 2019 tax year, maximum annual Individual Retirement Account (IRA) contributions are $6,000 with an additional $1,000 allowed as a "catch-up" contribution for taxpayers who are at least fifty years old. 401(k) plan annual contribution limits are $19,000 with an extra $6,000 catch-up allo...

It's STILL Not Too Late To Lower Your Tax Bill

19 Most Popular Tax Deductions For 2019

9 Crucial Tax Deductions

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The end of the year is full of activities. Family, school, and work obligations can keep you running constantly, without the time to consider other important things – such as whether you have used all of the health care and dental plan benefits covered by your insurance.

Are insurance concerns not high on your holiday list? They probably aren't, but you could be wasting money by not reviewing your insurance usage before the holiday madness starts in earnest.

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Christmas Shipping Can Still Be Free

Are you a procrastinator who hasn't started your holiday shopping yet? If not, are you still hunting for deals even after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday? In any case, you still want to take advantage of online bargains and free shipping offers.

You're in luck, thanks to Free Shipping Day on Saturday, December 14. Luke Knowles, the founder of Free Shipping Day and the corresponding website FreeShippingDay.com says that he created the holiday ten years ago "to cater to procrastinating shoppers like myself."

Prior to Free Shipping Day, consumers tended to stop online shopping in early December, worrying that if they waited any longer their packages might not arrive on time. Knowles knew that retailers were capable of economically delivering mid-December orders by Christmas Eve, and created an annual e...

9 Holiday Shopping Tips

How Does Amazon Pay For Free Shipping?

Social Media Causes More Spending

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Fall is here. It's time for thinking about cooler weather, Thanksgiving, falling leaves – and taxes? With a new tax code in place, a few hours spent on your taxes now can produce benefits in April with the savings of both time and money. The following tips may be able to help you achieve those goals.

Organize Your Files – Which documents do you need to file your taxes? Start with last year's tax filing and see how many forms still apply. List all the additions that you may require and gather all the supporting documents that you need to back up itemized deductions.

Don't forget to include W-2 and 1099 forms for all sources of income, especially if any part of your income comes through freelance work. Other forms that may apply are a 1095 form to verify health care coverage purchased through the marketplace, 1098 forms for various forms of interest and tuition pay...

How To Save For Taxes If You Are A Freelancer

Free Tax Preparation

Top 12 Mistakes To Avoid In Tax Planning

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Credit freezes are one of the most valuable tools in your identity theft protection toolbox. When a credit freeze is placed on your account, lenders can't access your credit history to assess your risk and are unlikely to approve loans or other forms of credit.

You're in control. Unfreeze (thaw) your accounts whenever you want to apply for credit and re-apply the freeze when you're done. Thanks to recent legislation, all credit freezes and thaws are now free of charge, making them convenient for all consumers.

You probably know that you must apply individual freezes with each of the three major credit reporting agencies (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). You may also know to place a credit freeze with Innovis, the fourth and less-publicized credit reporting agency.

Did you know there's a fifth location where a credit freeze should be ap...

How To Set Up A Credit Freeze

10 Biggest Scams Of The Year

Free Credit Freezes And More Credit Changes You Need To Know

If you’re like most adults, you might have a hard time falling or staying asleep. In fact, a 2018 Consumer Report found that 68 percent of Americans struggle with their sleeping patterns at least once a week. That accounts for 164 million Americans. If you’re included in that number, you may want to try the phenomenon of “clean sleep.”

While eating meatless has an array of health benefits and even significantly reduces your carbon footprint, there is undoubtedly a price you pay cutting out meat. Vegetarians and vegans commonly struggle with making up these crucial nutrients and vitamins

In the wake of the recent opioid crisis, cannabidiol appears to have become a promising super drug that may lower opioid dependence. Now, CBD, the nonpsychoactive molecule in the cannabis plant and one of the two main components in marijuana has garnered several advocates in other industries, including the world of sports.

An estimated 5.8 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer’s dementia in 2019, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. This includes an estimated 5.6 million people age 65 and older and 200,000 people younger than 65 who have younger-onset Alzheimer’s. One in 10 people age 65 and older (10 percent) has Alzheimer’s dementia. It’s a disease that Amy Losak of Teaneck, New Jersey, knows all too well.

On NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday, moderator Chuck Todd displayed a chart labeled "ads on impeachment aired, December 1-7.? "GOP affiliated, 4,265," said the chart, attributed to NBC News. "Dem affiliated, 1." Todd turned to panelist Stephanie Cutter, a Democratic campaign strategist. "I know that Democrats didn't want to look like they were politicizing this," he said, "but we're at this ...

SEATTLE - There's a scene in the 2011 documentary, "Pearl Jam Twenty," in which frontman Eddie Vedder is giving director Cameron Crowe a tour of his house. At one point, Vedder stands on a stairway, pointing out photos from years past. One of them is from what he believes is the band's third show. Watching this in the dark of a movie theater, photographer Karen Mason Blair was confused: "I ...

Well-documented Russian meddling in U.S. elections demands keen concern for the protection of election integrity. This concern should rise to the level of immediate action in light of a new report verifying the lack of federal oversight of the private companies that make voting equipment. The Brennan Center for Justice, which is based at New York University School of Law, reported that three ...

This country now finds itself, for only the fourth time in its history, confronting articles of impeachment that charge its highest elected leader with violating both the U.S. Constitution and the oath of office to uphold it. In the months leading up to this, it should first be said, the House has gone about its impeachment inquiry in an entirely appropriate way. Proper for a high-stakes ...