Thank you!

I would like to express my appreciation for being given the opportunity to serve as the 2019 Grand Marshal for this year’s “Touch of Dutch” parade. This was an honor and a privilege. It was such a beautiful day for a parade!

The parade and festival represented our community with diversity and purpose that was presented with pride and commitment to make this event memorable. What a joy to see individuals in the parade, as well as observers that included all ages. Our youth and our senior community each had the opportunity to participate and enjoy the parade and the festival.

I loved seeing our Fase Senior Center represented! The gathering of familiar faces and those that participated, or attended for the first time, displayed enthusiasm and involvement throughout the day. Let us continue to support our businesses and attend our churches.

Encourage one another to acknowledge and thank our county and city leaders, law enforcement and emergency management teams and others that give and make sacrifices every day.

Thank you to the DeMotte Chamber, festival committee and others that provided many hours of planning, labor and caring in making this year’s “Touch of Dutch” a great success. The honor of Grand Marshal has been humbling. There are others that truly go above and beyond in volunteering and supporting our community, I thank and celebrate each one.

The continuation of enthusiasm and passion of volunteering and community involvement does not stop with this recognition. This is an encouragement, as I am sure it has been for past recipients. I pray for opportunities each day to glorify God, to make a difference in the journey of giving and in the lives of those we serve and in the communities in which we live.

With deepest appreciation and thanks,

Sharon Colee