Photo by Nick Fiala

Staff members of the Wire Whisk Bakery stand in front of their new menu on Monday morning. Pictured, from left, are John Tryon, Kayla Tryon, Randi Woodcock, Fred Tryon, Suzanne Tryon, Debbie Tryon, Christina Tryon and Olivia Tryon.

RENSSELAER — Suzanne Tryon recently took ownership of the property formerly known as “Brandi’s Bakery and Cafe,” better known to longtime customers as “Clauss’ Bakery” prior to that period.

The space, now christened “The Wire Whisk Bakery” officially opened on Monday. Tryon and several of her family members are now running the bakery, with the goal of providing good foods, treats and drinks for locals who have come to see the space as an iconic fixture in the community.

“I’ve been at least trying to get baking out there for probably about six years,” Tryon said of her own ambitions. “I started, kind of, in the beginning of high school. In my free time, I was always baking. Eventually, I was like, ‘I need to take this public and get it out there,’ because it’s a lot better to get it out there than to just keep it all at home.”

What her customers may not know is longtime former owner Rex Clauss had asked Tryon to take over the bakery a long time ago. Unfortunately, she had to turn down that first offer. But, fortunately for Tryon, Clauss did not give up on the idea.

“Rex Clauss had called me one day and offered it to me a few years ago,” she said. “The way everything was working out, it wasn’t the right time to do it. And then, he contacted me about two months ago. He goes, ‘Look, I need somebody to go into the bakery and bring it back to life. So I want you to take it back over.’ And then was perfect, so we just took it from there.”

Tryon hopes to maintain a standard of home-style baking from scratch in her new business.

“Everything that we’re going to be offering from the bakery, pies and everything, are going to be made from scratch,” she said. “So we’re going back to how everybody’s grandma used to do it. We’re not doing anything from pre-made — just homemade mixes.”

Though it took time for Tryon to find her way over to the bakery, she is far from a novice in the food business. Her work history includes a two-year stint as the head chef at the eMbers Venue, located just down the street from the bakery. Before then, she worked at a store north of town right after she’d graduated high school.

Whatever locals come to think of the beloved space, in its new incarnation, Tryon and her family will be working hard to keep up the quality longtime customers have already come to expect.