WHEATFIELD — Wheatfield Elementary students and their families visited the school Monday evening, Oct. 28, for the annual Science Fair. The children’s experiments lined the halls and students stood by their projects until a judge talked with them about their entry. Afterwards, the students and their families headed to the gym for another lesson in engineering.

Each family was given some paper cups and squares of cardboard and assigned to build a podium on which a student could stand. When the creation was done, the student then had to stand on it until a judge came and talked to them about the construction. There were quite a few standing on their cups and cardboard when this reporter visited the gym.

One science experiment by Hunter Schultz involved a video on a tablet left on the table for visitors to play as the student explained how he would make fire stay lit under water. It involved tape and a sparkler and was very interesting to watch.

Others experimented on slime making, making eggs “magically” float, how clouds make rain and much more. There was even the project that every Science Fair has had since they began, the volcano and how it erupts.

There were even family or group projects including Gracie and Caleb Wilder’s “What chocolate melts fastest?” experiment, and Ava and Rhett Clements project, “How does celery absorb colored water?”

Students were awarded as “Star Scientists” for participating.