Update on athletic fields

By Cheri Shelhart

Fred Prazeau of Context Design explains the progress made to the athletic fields in the multi-million dollar project that is heading into the final phases.

DEMOTTE — The Kankakee Valley School Board of Trustees met Monday night after a public hearing on collective bargaining in deciding teachers’ wages. An update on the athletic fields was presented to the board, including an opportunity for the board to consider adding storage for hand tools at the new softball dugout.

Fred Prazeau of Context Design explained the progress made to the athletic fields in the multi-million dollar project that is heading into the final phases. Although July 24, was the end date for the football stadium, there has been some delay in finishing the job. The track for running hasn’t been finished, masonry is getting done, and the striping in the parking lot is expected to be done before the students arrive on Wednesday.

The tennis courts are curing and should be finished by Labor Day. “We are working hard to get that done by then,” Prazeau said. As for the storage room that the AD would like attached to the softball dugout, he said the cost for the project by Gough would cost $16,000 more than anticipated, bringing the cost of the room to $36,000. An amount of $20,000 had been agreed on by the board as they considered a contingency plan when money was left in the budget. Prazeau said the initial quote did not include the structural details, such as ventilation and masonry, and this is the reason they are asking for more money.

Board members questioned the extra cost and were reluctant to commit to more money. Prazeau offered to sit down with the construction company again to see if they can get that price down. Superintendent Don Street asked where that extra money was coming from when the board already okayed a bid of $20,000 for the project. Prazeau will work on getting that amount lowered.

The civil engineer who designed the drainage for the track and field area will owe the school corporation $5,000 because the design included only one drain, but the paving for the track can’t be greater than a 1% slope on the track and no greater than 2% in high jump area. Town and Country Paving was awarded the bid for the paving, but questioned the drainage before starting the job. The design went back to the engineer, who added an additional two drains to make the paving at the near perfect requirement possible.

Employment actions

The school board approved 11 resignations from teachers and staff, including Barbara Curnow as special education teacher at the intermediate school, and heather Lindberg as eighth grade math teacher at the middle school. Also resigning were Michael Sharkozy, seventh grade math teacher, and John Sherwood, KVSC director of buildings and grounds. Six of the resignations came from aides working at all of the KV schools.

Brian Moore was approved as the middle school band director, pending receipt of additional paperwork. He is filling a newly created position. Daniel Brown was hired as sixth grade Social Studies teacher at the middle school and Olivia (Birky) Bucher will teach kindergarten at Wheatfield Elementary in the new school year.

Aides were hired to replace those who had resigned as well.

In extracurricular approvals, Jacob Swartz was approved as volunteer assistant coach for boys’ soccer, Kevin Stephens as fall weight room supervisor, Rhonda Yates as senior Powder Puff coach with Shelly Flick, Doug Nelson and Rita Elliott as Sophomore Powder Puff coaches. At the middle school, Kate Przybylski will coach girls’ cross country and Allison Rockley will serve as a volunteer coach for cross country.

Transfers were also made to fill positions left by resignations.

The board approved the purchase of a John Deere TS Gator for no more than $6,300 for the “proper maintenance” of the football field’s Astro-turf.