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WHEATFIELD — Eureka College is collaborating with Kankakee Valley High School to give more students in financial need an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree tuition-free.

Kankakee Valley is located less than three hours away from EC’s campus in Eureka, Illinois.

Now, all graduates from Kankakee Valley who meet the requirements are eligible to apply as a part of Eureka’s growing Uniquely Eureka Promise Program.

This scholarship is designed to cover the remaining tuition charge for incoming students who have graduated from Kankakee Valley, and meet specific academic and financial aid requirements.

The Uniquely Eureka Promise is a promise to assist students in financial need, who have proven themselves successful academically. Since 2018, this EC program has provided in-state community college transfer students financial relief, and allowed them to stay focused on their academic achievements without the worry of financing a full-time tuition charge.

In the fall, the Uniquely Eureka Promise expanded to include a trio of local high schools and now, Kankakee Valley students will be included as well.

“Eureka College couldn’t be more excited to partner with Kankakee Valley High School to offer the Uniquely Eureka Promise program to their students,” Dean of Enrollment Management Mac Ingmire said. “This scholarship will open doors and pathways for students who might have never thought it would be possible to attend a four-year private college for all four years of their college journey. I want to specifically thank Superintendent Don Street and Melissa Richie in their willingness to partner with us and build up this partnership in the years to come.”

“The partnership between Eureka College and Kankakee Valley School Corporation presents an opportunity to benefit several students by providing a college education,” Kankakee Valley School Corporation Superintendent Don Street said. “Eureka College is an outstanding institution that has provided numerous opportunities to students for generations. I appreciate the relationship that Mr. Mac Ingmire and I have developed over the last several years and Mr. Ingmire reaching out to me about this opportunity of a lifetime for several of our students.”

The eligibility requirements for this opportunity are as follows: a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher; residency outside of the state of Illinois and U.S. citizenship for at least a year; eligible to receive Federal Pell grant as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have a FAFSA EFC of 1,000 or less; enrollment at EC in a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester; acceptance and use of all federal and state grants each year of the program before Eureka College makes up the difference for tuition cost; and a commitment to volunteer 40 hours with the college over the course of four school years.

Applicants must also meet all deadline dates. To be eligible for the fall semester, admission applications must be submitted by July 1. To be eligible for the spring semester, admission applications must be submitted by Dec. 1.

For more information, contact the Eureka College Admissions Office at or 1-888-438-7352.

Kankakee Valley has an enrollment of 1,064 in the high school and 3,385 in the entire district, grades K-12. It has 94.1 percent graduation rate compared to the state average of 86.4 percent. Roughly 36 percent of its high school students, and 42 percent of its students in the district, are economically disadvantaged.

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