High School Students of the Month


Five of the nine KVHS November Students of the Month are recognized at the DeMotte/KV Rotary luncheon on Monday, Nov. 25.


I have had Erica in several classes in the past and have her in two classes this semester, Digital Applications and Business Law. Erica is an extremely motivated student. She is always fully engaged in class discussions and adds to student understanding by asking thought-provoking questions and offering her experiences for examples and “what ifs.” Students like Erica make it easy to teach because they provide “real-life” situations to the topics being presented. Erica also works very hard and is conscientious about her academics. I consider myself fortunate to be able to teach a student like her. Congratulations Erica!


Olivia Witt was selected as Student of the Month for her creative and ambitious approaches in AP Studio Art and Sculpture. Olivia has an exceptional attention to detail and she continually finds ways to refine her work to produce excellent craftsmanship. Her artwork is focused on human interaction with nature. Olivia is not afraid to take risks in her art which results in pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and innovative. She is currently painting a mural in Mr. Cochran’s room. She was selected to attend a figure drawing class at the University of Saint Francis. Olivia consistently goes above and beyond the requirements. Her persistent work ethic and desire makes her an outstanding artist and student. Congratulations Olivia!


Kassidy Sirk is the World Language departments Student of the Month. Her enthusiasm in Spanish Ill is contagious! She always has good news to share with the class and practices speaking Spanish even when it is not required to reach her goal of being bilingual. She serves and makes KV a more cultured and enjoyable place to be by sharing her artistic side in choir, orchestra and theater productions. Congratulations Kassidy!

HEALTH/PHYSICAL EDUCATION: NATALIE SINGH Natalie was selected as Student of the Month for always being prepared. Natalie shows up every day on time, with appropriate materials, and a great attitude. She is kind to others and is willing to help her classmates. Natalie is the daughter of Colleen Coplen of Wheatfield. Natalie is also in Foreign Language Club, Book Club, and on the Freshman Focus Mentor Council.


As we move into the second quarter, picking a student of the month should feel like it is getting easier. As we cover more material, it should be obvious which students deserve to be recognized for their performance in the classroom. The opposite, it turns out, is true; the more time we spend in class, the more all of my students begin to shine in their own unique ways. This in, turn makes choosing a single student a challenge, but after much thought and consideration, my choice for student of the month is William Buskey. Will consistently comes into class with a positive attitude and a unique perspective that adds a unique angle to our in class discussions. While contributing to class discussion and maintaining a consistently high quality of work, Will also does his best to aid in his classmates understanding of the material. Will’s positivity helps to make his class a bright spot in all of our days, and always takes class discussion in surprising, tangential, but always fruitful, directions. Congratulations Will!


The Math Student of the Month for November 2019 is Lukas Bierma. This is the first year I have had the pleasure of having Lukas in class. He always is an active member of the class, participating frequently throughout class when given an opportunity to do so. His motivations, positive attitude, and interest have been very noticeable from early on.

Lukas is also very involved and focused when working on the subject and material. As a teacher, it is rewarding to see a student who takes pride in what they are doing in class and really showing an interest in the material through participation and focused activity.

Lukas stays on task and always completes his work in a very timely manner. Little things like that are very much appreciated by any teacher, including myself. It is very apparent to me that Lukas is driven to succeed. I am sure that is a characteristic he carries to other areas of interest as well, both inside and outside of school.

I often times notice Lukas working diligently on his classwork when given the opportunity. As a result, he continually shows a high level of understanding in nearly everything we do. It has been a great pleasure for me to have Lukas in class thus far. His attitude is one that should be commended and his work ethic is very strong.

Without question these characteristics have made a positive impression on me and I strongly believe it is something that should be recognized and honored, Congratulations Lukas!


The science department has selected MaKayla Chittenden has November’s Student of the Month. MaKayla is not only excelling in physics, she is an active member of Cheer, SADD, Sunshine, Interact, Friends of Rachel, and is a member of our CNA class. MaKayla lead the seniors to victory during Homecoming by volunteering to help the Senior Class sponsor organize the hail decorating and firing up the seniors to get active in Homecoming. She is a joy to have in class. Congratulations MaKayla!


Carolyn Sams is an outstanding young woman, representing the best of KV! Carolyn is currently in both my Psychology and World History classes. Carolyn participates in class actively, often making connections between the two courses. She is mature and insightful. Not only is she an outstanding student, but she is also active in many things in school and outside of school. Carolyn is a ballet dancer who has been dancing for 11 years. She performs in the annual production of “The Nutcracker” for her troupe and in their annual spring show, often practicing hours per day. Carolyn is also involved in many school activities including JV track, Interact Club, Student Council, and Science Club. She is getting the most out of her high school experience. I have to applaud her “juggling” skills; she handles many things well! Congratulations Carolyn!


Mary Kathryn has been very active for Kankakee Valley High School TSA (Technology Student Association) and has played a very important role in increasing our club numbers. She also worked very hard to write a grant, which our club received and allowed our club to attend the Indiana State TSA conference. Mary Kathryn’s service to KVHS TSA has gone above and beyond her standard duties and that is why she deserves to be the Technology student of the month. Congratulations MK!