KVHS February Students of the Month

By Cheri Shelhart

The February Students of the Month are recognized at the KV/DeMotte Rotary meeting on Monday.


I have had Jackie in several classes this year, Personal Finance, Business Law, and Accounting, and have gotten to know her quite well. Jackie is an extremely mature and motivated student and has shared with me her interest in becoming an accountant. While Jackie is VERY quiet, she is always fully engaged in class discussions and diligently takes notes. She is not comfortable speaking in class, but when asked to, she does. She is quite comfortable, however, relating on a one-to-one basis and will even ask thought-provoking questions as to how something in class would pertain to a “real-life” situation. Students like Jackie make it enjoyable to teach because they validate why one teaches--to share knowledge and experiences that allow a youngster to grow. Jackie also works very hard and is conscientious about her grades. I look forward to the rest of the semester with her. Congratulations Jackie!


The Fine Arts Department would like to recognize Shain Watson for the February Student of the Month. Shain is one of our top performers in the Orchestra and participates in a vast array of other musical areas. Shain has performed on different instruments, and in nearly every ensemble we have had to offer at the high school. During the concert season Shain performs on Violin for the string orchestra. During the concert band season Shain performs on Alto Saxophone. She is also involved in two of the jazz ensembles offered at KVHS, Black Kats Jazz Band, and White Kats Jazz Strings. During the marching season and winter/early spring, Shain can also be found working on throwing doubles, triples, and quads with weapons and flags within the guard program. In orchestra, Shain has also proven to be a stand out leader by organizing state level ensembles that she performs in and providing that challenge to other members of the orchestra. This kind of hard work pushes the teacher to work harder in finding the students opportunities to perform and share their talents and gifts with others. We thoroughly are impressed by this young woman’s enthusiasm and work ethic, and for that we are proud to recognize Shain Watson as our February Fine Arts Student of the Month.


It is my pleasure to nominate Abby VanderMeer for student of the month. Abby has been a student of mine for four years. She is currently taking AP French. Abby has begun to show great understanding of the language and is making great strides to use the language as much as possible. Abby was able to work with and serve children in Haiti, a French speaking country, while on a mission trip. I believe her enthusiasm for French came after she was able to see and hear the language in action. I hope that Abby will continue to learn French after high school because so many of the people that she will serve are French speaking people. It will mean so much to them if they are able to communicate with her. I’m grateful to have gotten to know Abby over the last four years and I wish her the best as continues to serve others. Congratulations Abby!

Health/Physical Education: MICHAEL DENNIE

The Physical Education department would like to nominate Michael Dennie for student of the month. Michael is a sophomore who has played on the Kankakee Valley football team for 2 years. Michael is always kind and courteous while at school. Michael is also very helpful in the community as he often helps neighbors with labor and handy work around the neighborhood. Michael is respectful at school and is a great example for others to look up to. Congratulations Michael!

Language Arts: EVAN KENDALL

The English student of the month is Evan Kendall. Evan is the kind of student that I love having in class. He engages in group activates, asks questions when he is unsure, and participates in class discussions. In my classroom, students are grouped in order to create a collaborative learning environment, and Evan always seems to be interacting and helping his fellow group members. Evan has a positive attitude and personality that helps to create a fun learning environment for all. Since Evan is a freshman, I look forward to seeing him continue to grow and succeed in his classes, especially English class. Congratulations Evan!


The mathematics student of the month is Brianna Castle. Brianna has been a student in my Algebra 1 class during both semesters of the 2019-2020 academic year. Brianna is a very dedicated student. She demonstrates a high level of self-motivation, is always very well-organized, prepared for class, actively participates in class, and consistently submits high quality work. Brianna demonstrates high levels of mathematical ability and overall academic achievement, and she always seeks understanding of the content on a deeper level. She consistently strives for excellence and earns high scores on even the most challenging assessments.

Brianna has always been very respectful towards myself and other staff members. She also demonstrates a high level of respect and concern for her peers. She has even assisted fellow students in need of help on numerous occasions.

In addition, Brianna participates in several extracurricular actives outside of the classroom. For example, she is an active member of the Girls Swimming and Diving Team at Kankakee Valley High School. She is also a member of the KVHS TSA (Technology Student Association), which participates in STEM related competitions. She has demonstrated that she is able to effectively balance these actives with her academic responsibilities, as she has been able to consistently maintain excellent grades in all of her classes and near-perfect attendance. Congratulations Brianna!


For the student of the month in Science, I am nominating Sophomore Anixa Perez. I have had the pleasure of having Anixa in my classroom for two years now. She is a conscientious worker with a positive attitude. Anixa is friendly, polite, and helpful in class. I have seen her grow as a student to a more confident, conscientious worker. She collaborates well with others in labs and group projects. She works very hard and is always willing to help other students. I have seen her positive attitude help other students who thought they could not pass. She gives everything 110% effort. I think Anixa will be able to do anything she puts her mind to, her current plans are to become a doctor one day and I am sure she will get there. Congratulations Anixa!

Social Studies: LANCE SOLOMEY

The social studies student of the month is Lance Solomey. He is the son of Shane and Kimberly Solomey of Wheatfield. Lance is a very personable and hardworking young man. He is a member of the Kankakee Valley football and e-sports teams along with operating his own business and working at Tysen’s.

I would like to say that government class came easy to Lance, but that would not be accurate. He had to continue to work hard each and every day to attain the grade that he had hoped for. No one has ever worked harder in my classes than Lance has in the 30 years that I have been teaching. He came to study sessions before school each day that we had a test. He came to my SRT in order to ask questions and do as well as he could. He really is a great story of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Those are the qualities that we hope that all of our students graduate with, but Lance Solomey’s efforts definitely stood out. Congratulations Lance!


John has really taken some big strides in class and has become a leader in the greenhouse showing tremendous work ethic and a desire to help in class. Several times over the month, John has taken ownership and pride in multiple responsibilities in the greenhouse as well as participating in class discussion. His hand and voice are constant during formative assessment in class. John really shined in the greenhouse this month where he was quick to pick up responsibilities and always looked or asked for more work when he we would complete his task. John is my most reliable worker in class, always leading by example. Congratulations John!