Vintage Views

Photo by Nick Fiala

Jasper County Historian Judy Kanne displays the latest edition of Vintage Views.

RENSSELAER — The Jasper County Historical Society has published the summer 2019 edition of its seasonal magazine, Vintage Views.

This new edition comes with everything from a biography of a local judge, which doubles as something of a love letter to the history behind the Jasper County Courthouse, as well as treasured archival materials from Howard “Lefty” Clark and other local writers.

There are also articles on more recent occurrences, such as photo gallery of the Rensselaer Art Walk, as well as a biography on famed illusionist and Rensselaer Central High School graduate Kevin Spencer.

The judge mentioned above is Michael Kanne. He is the husband of Jasper County Historian Judy Kanne, who authored the biographical piece and wrote that Vintage Views Editor Bill Campbell encouraged her to write it. A 1957 graduate of the old Rensselaer High School, Judge Kanne has had many remarkable opportunities in his life.

Those opportunities include a speech he gave on Oct. 12, 1996, when the courthouse turned 100 years old. There are also more humorous anecdotes, such as an incident that occurred on the day of his first trial, a story his wife said she never gets tired of hearing him tell.

“A young boy who walked on the coping of the Jasper County Courthouse Square can do all right growing up and living in Rensselaer, Indiana,” she wrote of her husband.

Other commemorative pieces in this edition include “Gone But Not Forgotten: The Lost Towns and Settlements of Jasper County,” by Beulah Arnott. As the title suggests, this section is a collection of the names of different settlements from the area, most or all of which may be largely forgotten about today.

There are also several pieces which once served as supplements to the Rensselaer Republican, such as one on “Fendig’s Philosopher’s Gathering Place,” and a piece that came out in 1954 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the old Rensselaer Public Library.

JCHS has tried, once again, to include a little something for everyone in the magazine, a copy of which can be picked up by contacting JCHS at 219-866-7825 or Campbell Printing Company at 219-866-5913.