Jared Tomich

Photo by Tom Sparks

Former NFL player Jared Tomich cooked chicken for the Kougar faithful before their scrimmage with Boone Grove.

WHEATFIELD — As if the scrimmage to start football season at KV wasn’t enough to draw fans by itself, former National Football League player Jared Tomich set up a large rotisserie grill trailer in the parking lot and the KV Football moms sold dinners and tickets to the game.

For just $10, parents and fans got both a chicken dinner cooked by Tomich and a ticket into the scrimmage. Tables and chairs were set up along the front of the new stadium and families enjoyed the tasty chicken.

The event, however, faced off with some out-of-nowhere downbursts of rain from storm clouds that roared in about 45 minutes after the food began to be served. Tomich, to his credit, set up a pop-up tent for the ladies to stay dry and kept cooking chicken in the rain. He even began delivering chicken to people as they pulled up and stayed in their cars, always with a smile on his face which quickly brought smiles to theirs.

Tomich was a standout player for Lake Central High School, where his number was recently retired. He played college ball for Nebraska and was drafted in 1997 in the second round by the New Orleans Saints where he played for the next four seasons. He wrapped up his career as a member of the Green Bay Packers.

Tomich said that he has always enjoyed cooking and upon retiring, he started doing a little catering. He said he now mostly cooks for charity events and fundraisers and wanted to help KV Football and Coach James Broyles raise a little money. He moved down here from Schererville a while back.

“James and I knew each other from the NFL,” said Tomich. “He and I swapped teams a couple of times and have remained friends.”