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Malachi Kristoff walks 110 flights of stairs, clad in his full gear, to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on Sept. 11, 2001.

DeMOTTE — Firefighter Malachi Kristoff of the Keener Township Volunteer Fire Department walked 110 flights of stairs in full bunker gear Wednesday at DeMotte’s Anytime Fitness gym. He did this to honor firefighters who perished while climbing the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.

Brief videos of the climb were later posted on social media, and the department later commended Kristoff for his effort in an online post.

“He did this to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice,” the department stated. “Great job, brother, honoring those brave heroes!”

“We will never forget!” Kristoff stated online. “From the moment the first plane struck until now, we have not forgotten this terrible act of terrorism. This is why we fight! This is why we stand for our flag! This is why we make America great! Stand tall! Wave our flag strong! And don’t ever forget that we are Americans! On that day everyone gave something, but some gave everything!”