NEWTON COUNTY — A third video released Wednesday morning (June 12) by animal rights organization Animal Recovery Mission depicts alleged abuse of adult cows by Fair Oaks Farms employees.

The newest video comes from a second undercover investigator according to ARM, who focused on the care of the older animals at the Newton County business.

As part of the video release, ARM officials claim the adult cows are milked just hours after giving birth, with the placenta sacks still visible and blood coating their legs.

The video also shows employees striking the cows, as they are loaded into the milking parlor, with some falling off the metal platform or being kicked for insubordination.

“Workers discipline cows by snapping tails in half,” said by the narrator of the video. “Cows are brutalized three times a day, 365 days a year for life.”

According to ARM, one of their investigators was hired between February and April 2019 as a milker at Fair Oaks Farms.

“During this time, undeniable evidence was obtained of the inherent cruelty that dairy cows are subjected to on a daily basis within industrialized food production systems,” stated ARM. “When cows in the milking line would not cooperate, frustrated employees can be seen bending and breaking bones in the cows’ tails as punishment for not entering the confusing rotary system.”

Fair Oaks Farms has not released a statement on the latest video to be released.

The first undercover video showed workers abusing calves and using drugs at the farm. ARM released a longer, extended version of that video last Friday.

Those videos led to criminal charges being filed against three former employees. The suspects are 31-year-old Santiago Ruvalcaba Contreros, 36-year-old Edgar Gardozo Vazquez and 38-year-old Miguel Angel Navarro Serrano. Gardozo-Vazquez has been arrested.