WHEATFIELD — The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Monday afternoon after arresting two more stemming from a domestic incident that occurred on July 22 at a residence in rural Wheatfield.

Amisty A. Barker, 28, and Danny J. Barker, 27, were arrested on Aug. 4, after warrants were issued by the Jasper Circuit Court for a charge of domestic battery for both. Domestic battery is a Level 6 felony.

On July 22, Jasper County deputies were called to the residence after a victim said his sister and her boyfriend had been involved in an altercation with him. He told police at that time, that the two would not let him out of his room and that his sister’s boyfriend, Nathan Dowd, punched him in the face and held him to the floor when he tried to leave. He also told officers his sister then held him down while Dowd continued to hit him.

Dowd was arrested at that time on a charge of domestic battery in the presence of a child, a Level 6 felony.

The victim was transported to a hospital by the Wheatfield Ambulance Service with injuries consistent with his account of the incident.

After the story appeared on the sheriff’s Facebook page, a person with the Facebook name of Amisty Barker wrote this comment, “To [sic] bad this story is not correct. Dj was being suicidal and took a bunch of drugs. Nathan and I got home and has soon as we walked in the door my brother asked for my car keys I replied no so he attacked me. The wounds he did get on his face was from me trying to get dj off of me but he was determined to hurt me knowing im pregnant. Nathan did nothing but try to get dj off of me so he would hurt the baby and I. We then calmly went outside and dj followed us out and through [sic] a gallon of paint at me which hit my ribs and stomach. We sat outside to get away from him while he was still inside going nuts. Did i mention that we were gone from the from 7am-1pm and the whole time he was going nuts on my mom making her scared for her life which i later found out. So dont believe everything you read theres always more to the story than whats told.”

The sheriff’s release states the warrants are a result of an investigation into the domestic disturbance call that Jasper County Sheriff’s deputies responded to on July 22.

Arrests and criminal charges are mere accusations. Every person is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.