Joshua Pritt


JASPER COUNTY — A Rensselaer man was arrested for possession of a narcotic drug after he reportedly tossed hypodermic needles out of the window of his vehicle.

According to the Jasper County’s Sheriff’s Department, Joshua M. Pritt, 37, had stopped his vehicle at the intersection of County Road 600 East and County Road 425 North and parked there. A deputy who responded to the scene activated his emergency lighting before exiting the squad car to check on the driver.

Pritt began to drive away, forcing the deputy to return to his car and follow the suspect. The deputy then saw Pritt throwing items out of the window before Pritt slowed to a stop a short time later.

The items were located and found to be two hypodermic needles and Pritt was taken into custody. He was transported to the Jasper County Jail and charged with possession of a narcotic drug (Level 6 felony), unlawful possession of a syringe (Level 6 felony) and driving while suspended with a prior conviction (Class A misdemeanor).

Arrests and criminal charges are mere accusations. Every person is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.