In the early evening hours on Feb. 11, 2019, the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office received a report of suspicious activity in the area of C.R. 1100 W. and State Rd. 10. The victim advised that as she drove past a vehicle, described as a white Pontiac G6 that was sitting just off the roadway, it pulled out behind her and activated a red/blue flashing light mounted in its front windshield. The victim stated that she pulled over and the vehicle pulled in behind her with the red/blue light still flashing.

The victim stated that she felt that the incident was suspicious and picked up her cell phone to call her husband. The victim advised that it was at that time the suspect vehicle sped away from the area. The victim described the suspect as a white male wearing a beanie cap and that the suspect vehicle was a white Pontiac G6 bearing an Indiana handicap plate.

Later that same evening, the husband of the victim called the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office advising that he believed he had located the suspect vehicle parked in a driveway in a neighborhood approximately 4 miles southwest of DeMotte. Jasper County Sheriff’s deputies responded to that location.

The license plate on the suspect vehicle returned to that of Dustin R. Griffin, 41, of DeMotte. The deputies made contact with Griffin. Griffin advised the deputies investigating the incident that he works for a security company and that the red/blue flashing light was used for work and that it randomly turns on and off due to an electrical short in the wiring. Griffin allegedly could not provide any reasonable explanation to the deputies as to why the victim made the allegation against him.

The deputies collected Griffin’s red/blue flashing light as evidence and filed the necessary paperwork with the Jasper County Prosecutor’s Office requesting a warrant be issued for Griffin’s arrest.

On Feb. 28, in the late evening hours, Griffin was arrested on the warrant and transported to the Jasper County Detention Center and incarcerated for the following charge:

• Impersonating a Public Servant (Level 6 Felony)

Arrests and criminal charges are mere accusations. Every person is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.