stock Arrest

RENSSELAER — An employee of a business near Ind. 114 and I-65 was arrested and taken into custody by Rensselaer Police Department officers after he reportedly put two co-workers in headlocks last week.

Logan Adams, 19, was charged with battery (B misdemeanor), intimidation (Level 6 felony) and strangulation (Level 6 felony) for incidents that occurred March 3.

Police said they were notified of a report of battery at a business west of Rensselaer. The victim advised she witnessed Adams, who is employed at the business, grab and place a headlock around another employee.

Adams proceeded to take her to the ground with his arm still around her neck. When the victim told him to stop, Adams reportedly told her, ‘You are next,’ and the victim ran into an office where she attempted to close the door.

However, Adams kept her from closing the door before grabbing her as well, placing her in a headlock from behind. The victim had difficulty breathing and told police she was about to lose consciousness. She told police she hit Adams and told him to stop, but he would not let go. She was finally released when a customer came inside the business.

At some point, Adams told the victim that if she told anyone what had happened he would cause her harm.

After speaking to the victim and a witness, Cpl. Chad Hammond of RPD then talked with Adams at the business. Adams claimed that he only placed one of the females in a headlock and that they were only playing. He did not mention putting the other co-worker in a headlock, but when questioned about the second victim, he then admitted to putting her in a headlock again stating that he was only playing with her.

RPD reminds the public that all subjects are innocent until proven guilty.