WHEATFIELD — Thursday was not only the last day of school for KV schools, it was the last day of a 25 year teaching career for third grade teacher, Joyce Inman. Her day began with a surprise when she discovered a long SUV limo arriving at her home to pick her up, along with her husband Steve, who retired from teaching at the high school last summer. She dressed in a formal gown as instructed and off they went for a special breakfast before arrival at Wheatfield Elementary in style.

“I’m overwhelmed,” she said when asked how she was feeling, “not worthy,” which brought some reassurance from many of her fellow teachers and staff.

When arriving, Inman was helped from the limo by her husband, and greeted with cheers and applause from the students, faculty and staff all assembled outside the front entrance to greet her. Her last third grade class lined up along a “red carpet” which was laid down from the curb to the gymnasium for her to walk in regal fashion. She was given a tiara to wear and a sash and lots of hugs from the teachers as well as a bouquet of flowers, and a scepter with an apple on top.

Jokingly, she had her husband get down on one knee while she dubbed him with her apple scepter to the enjoyment of the kids.

Before entering the school, Inman asked her students to pose with her in front of the limo, and then she invited them to have a look inside. Her entire class fit into the huge vehicle and the kids were awed by the inside.

Once the couple walked the red carpet into the school, the Inmans were greeted with a star on the walk with her name on it. Having such an exciting morning, Joyce Inman decided to do the Hollywood thing, and got down on her knees in front of her star, smiling and joking the entire time.

When they finally walked into the gym, filled with everyone who had been outside to greet her, once again whooped and clapped. Mike the “Mullet Man” from 105.1 was on hand to interview her in front of the assemblage. He asked her how, after 25 years “of passion and drive” did she know when it was time to go. She joked, “When your insurance company says you can go!”

She said she and her husband had planned to retire together after the last school year, but she stayed on another year. She said she would miss teaching and watching the students step up to their potential as they prepared for fourth grade.

She received a huge send-off and one she’ll most likely cherish in her retirement.