RENSSELAER — You’ll Never Guess CEO/owner Ron Kasparian and his employees continue to crank up their 3-D printers to produce face masks for the public.

Through the month of May, Y.N.G. has produced around 7,000 masks and shields for its customers with more being ordered. Masks have been sent as far as California and currently there is high interest from people in Illinois who are fearful of the coronavirus.

“We continue to make face masks for people who can’t find them anywhere else,” Kasparian said.

Now Y.N.G. is prepared to help people who want to keep their hands from touching various surfaces by introducing the Rover No-Touch Tool.

“We call it Rover because it looks like the outline of a dog,” Kasparian said. “It’s man’s best friend.”

The tool allows a person to stay contactless with door knobs, handles and personal devices in a COVID-19 world. It clamps on door knobs up to 53 mm in diameter and also opens pull-handle doors and works on light switches as well.

“If someone doesn’t want to touch something that has been touched by a thousand people,” Kasparian said, “this is made for them. Some people think it’s terrible to wash their hands. If anything, what’s going on has taught people to wash their hands.”

The tool, which can be ordered online at, can also be used for delicate tasks such as ATM buttons, cell phones and touchscreens.

A wire runs through the housing of the tool with a screw affixed to the nose. The wire helps the tool connect with personal devices.

The no-touch device, which costs less than $10, is compatible with a carabiner so that it can hang from your belt, purse or shopping cart.

“It’s a pretty unique thing,” Kasparian said. “All around, it’s a pretty cool tool.”