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RENSSELAER — Thirty-seven-year-old Kevin Stone was recently incarcerated at the Jasper County Detention Center on charges of possessing methamphetamine, a level 6 felony, and criminal trespassing, a class A misdemeanor. This is according to information from the JCSO.

WHEATFIELD — The Wheatfield Town Council approved the fire department’s request for the town to pay the phone and Internet service to their main fire station. The council has tabled the matter for the last two months while determining what the monthly bill would be and if it was necessary fo…

DEMOTTE — American Quilter’s Society, the largest quilting membership organization in the world, is pleased to announce that Mary Ann Van Soest, of DeMotte, has been accepted as a contestant with her quilt, “Back Yard Shadows,” at AQS QuiltWeek in Charleston, SC.

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RENSSELAER — The St. Joseph’s College Alumni Association recently provided details from a conference call Aug. 12 between several members of the SJC Board of Trustees and the college’s staff.

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RENSSELAER — Thirty-seven-year-old Kevin Stone was recently incarcerated at the Jasper County Detention Center on charges of possessing methamphetamine, a level 6 felony, and criminal trespassing, a class A misdemeanor. This is according to information from the JCSO.

HEBRON — The Hebron Police Department made an early morning arrest on Aug. 11, bringing in Ryan F. Lucas Jr., 20, of DeMotte on a charge of sexual misconduct with a minor. The Jasper County Sh…

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STATEHOUSE — The Indiana Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the conviction and life sentence for Derrick Cardosi for the Aug. 28, 2016 triple homicide in Sumava Resorts.

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WHEATFIELD — Coach James Broyles and the Football Kougars got their chance to test themselves against another team last Friday but winning wasn’t the name of the game. The focus of this game was performance and responsibility.


WHEATFIELD — As if the scrimmage to start football season at KV wasn’t enough to draw fans by itself, former National Football League player Jared Tomich set up a large rotisserie grill traile…

Ever hear someone advise you to stop talking or whisper when you are fishing because the noise would scare the fish? It can happen, though it isn’t talking or whistling noises angles need to e…

DEMOTTE — KV School District and DeMotte Christian School Corporation students and their parents gathered at Spencer Park in DeMotte for the annual Back to School Fair, where free school supplies and other helpful items are given out by area churches, businesses and civic organizations. The …

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INDIANAPOLIS — Four family-owned farms in Jasper County were awarded the Hoosier Homestead Award for farms that have been in the family and are still actively farmed for 100 years or more. The presentation took place Aug. 9, at the Indiana State Fair with Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch and the Indi…

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BOSWELL — On Thursday Aug. 1, competitors met at the Benton County Fairgrounds to compete in both the Agriculture Tractor Operators Competition and the Lawn and Garden Tractor Contests in the …

When I heard that South Bend Mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg had taught himself Norwegian just to read more books by an author he enjoyed, my immediate reaction was to join with other conservatives in hurling a wicked retort.

Democratic presidential hopefuls are offering voters freebies galore as the 2020 Presidential Election gets under way. They’re promising free child care, Medicare for All and no-cost college educations. Do they think the electorate is made up of free-loaders who are ready and willing to trad…

Ever hear someone advise you to stop talking or whisper when you are fishing because the noise would scare the fish? It can happen, though it isn’t talking or whistling noises angles need to eliminate. Quiet talking or even loud shouting between you and your fishing partner will likely be ig…

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Millennials are supposed to be the cautious generation where credit is concerned. Many were burned during the housing crisis and Great Recession and vowed not to be overextended with credit. However, evidence is growing that millennials are headed down the same dangerous credit path as previous generations.

While millennials do have lower average credit card balances, recent surveys have shown worrying credit trends among millennials – including increased credit utilization and a tendency to buy things just to chase rewards points.

A new survey reinforces these trends. According to the survey, millennials...

More Americans Defaulting On Credit Cards

Credit Card Limits Tightening

Why Are Millennials Avoiding Credit Cards?

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Are you planning to retire within the next 10 to 15 years? If so, are you ready to take retirement preparedness to the next level?

Retirement is no longer an abstract concept when you reach your 50s. It's important to take a closer look at your financial plans now, while you have time to make any corrections. Consider these five steps to ensure the retirement of your dreams – or at least avoid the retirement of your nightmares.

1. Outline Your Retirement Goals – What do you really want to do when you retire? Buy a retirement home on the beach? Travel abroad? Start an expensive hobby? It's time to figure out how to pay for those goals.

Lay out your primary retirement goals and estimate the major expenses associated with them. Place those expenses on a timeline spread throughout your retirement. You now have an estimate of how your cash flow needs will change because of your retirement plans.

2. Rethink Your Expenses –</...

What's Holding Up Your Retirement Savings? It's You.

How Much Income Will You Need For Retirement?

7 Top Retirement Roadblocks

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Imagine an online offer for a restaurant chain that is so tempting it sells out in one second. That actually happened with the return of the Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Pass.

The original Never Ending Pasta Pass in 2014 was so popular that it crashed Olive Garden's website, and the passes sold out within 45 minutes. In 2017, with improved website capabilities, the 22,000 passes sold out in one second after going on sale, while the limited Annual Pasta Passes offered in 2018 also sold out in one second. This year, Olive Garden released 24,000 passes at 2pm ET on Thursday, August 15th, 2019 — and for the first time there were 50 Lifetime Pasta Passes available, too. All the passes sold out within a second.

What makes this deal so popular? For one thing, it is a spectacular deal for regular patrons of the Olive Garden. In essence, it is the Never Ending Pasta Bowl extended over multiple visits for a limited period of time — unlimited pasta bowls sprea...

Enjoy Yourself More, Spend Less

Should You Use Your Credit Card to Tip?

The End of Tipping?

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If you can get something either with or without a fee, why would you ever pay the fee? Unless you just enjoy throwing money away, you'd have to get something of value in return to justify the fees.

A recent survey from Discover, a major issuer of no-fee credit cards, investigated fees and their effects on credit card usage. The survey showed that consumers with no-annual-fee credit cards were twice as likely to be satisfied with their card than consumers with annual-fee cards (70% to 35%) – suggesting that consumers aren't getting a sufficient return for the fees that they pay.

Surveys typically show that between two-thirds and three-quarters of credit cards don't charge annual fees. According to the How To Evaluate A Credit Card Offer

Millions Of Americans Using Outdated Credit Cards

Sift App Maximizes The Benefits Of Your Credit Cards

Singer Miley Cyrus, former President Bill Clinton and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres are among the celebrities who’ve adopted a plant-based diet. Athlete Novak Djokovic, who recently won the men’s singles at this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament, is the latest celeb catching waves over his plant diet.

There are several well-known factors that contribute to aging: smoking, stress, sun exposure and genetics, among them. But what you may not realize is what you put on your plate can also cause you to look beyond your year. 

CHICAGO - South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg held a self-described grassroots campaign rally in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood on Tuesday night, but the overwhelmingly white audience he drew to the event in a historic black neighborhood reinforced the difficulty the Democratic presidential hopeful has had in connecting with African American voters. Buttigieg did not acknowledge the makeup of ...

The "Has Fallen" series, "Olympus," "London" and now, "Angel Has Fallen," is a curiously enduring franchise. But it seems the character of Mike Banning, a foul-mouthed Secret Service agent played with a lumpy gruffness by Gerard Butler, has filled the void of the everyman action hero, displaced by those with superpowers and elegant martial arts skills. Mike's just a guy with a wife and kid who ...

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Remember that area of low pressure that was being watched near North Florida and then off the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia in recent days? It strengthened into Tropical Storm Chantal late Tuesday - more than 450 miles southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Chantal is the third named storm of the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season. At 5 a.m. Wednesday, Chantal was ...

DETROIT - The U.S. Steel operation in Ecorse, Mich., will temporarily lay off nearly 200 workers because of "market conditions and recent reductions in customer demand," the company said in a filing with Michigan state government. The WARN Act filing said about 50 employees have been laid off since July and "further layoffs are likely to commence on Sept. 30." The layoffs are expected to be ...