To the Editor,


The medical field and scientists have now accumulated enough evidence that the recent coronovirus is a disease that needs to be taken very seriously. The worst case scenario for any communicable disease is when it is capable of being spread through the air and/or direct contact. Hence, the need for “social distancing” becomes necessary as a means of combating this virus.

The virus, while particularly attracted to certain segments of the population, has already had or will have an impact on everyone. Even those who do not contract the virus directly will feel the effects of measures that have not been used for a long time, if ever.

How long the coronovirus warps our lifestyles cannot be predicted. The length of duration will probably strongly depend on how successful the medical field and scientists are able to develop a vaccine. Also, we citizens need to strictly adhere to guidelines in doing our part in fighting the virus.

This is no time for politicizing or attempting to cast blame, ignore those who politicize the coronovirus, except when you cast your vote, and at that time remember those who would endanger your health. Listen to those in the medical field and scientists who speak solely from a scientific standpoint.

Hopefully, this virus will short lived and have a minimal short- or long-term impact on our existence.

Norman E. Pounder