To the Editor,

Option ‘C’

In regards to the proposed ballot for the new high school in the Iroquois West school district and the possible merger of Crescent City and Watseka districts, there is healthy debate on both issues. In any referendum that includes school changes and potential tax increases, emotions can run high. No matter what the outcome of these proposals are, there will no doubt be some families who are disappointed in the results. I would like to offer a reminder that there is a third choice for area voters who may be disaffected by the current political debate or wish for a way to not have to follow the will of the majority for their students.

Christ Lutheran High School in nearby Buckley is the closest analog to the type of small town high school experience that today’s voting parents remember from their youth. They may want to think about it as a choice for their children. Ronald Reagan popularized the phrase that one can also, “vote with their feet.” Whatever will be will be, but the choices are not all are nothing, there is always option C.

(C)LHS has been steadily growing its student base and chances are that there are families in your school district that are already attending and could be connected to for transportation help. If Christ centered education is not your main priority then you would be pleased to know that there have been recent improvements that the school has made that meet many of the criteria that area parents have listed as priorities in recent polls and published questionnaires.

In technology, every room has smart boards and students have 1 to 1 use of chromebooks. In sports and extracurricular activities, our new athletic director is scheduling basketball games with area schools to complement our scholastic bowl team. As always, the band, handbells and music department continues to perform in local venues and school concerts. Student academic achievement still is a hallmark, and 2019 marks over 10 years with the best recorded college entrance exams in the county, far exceeding the state average.

Finally, Christ Lutheran is the only school with a 4 day week! They are doing more with less, offering great academics, athletics and nurturing moral conviction in a loving Christian environment, where every student is made to feel like a valued member of a larger family.

Dan Huse