Public Works

Photo by Carla Waters

Bob Tincher of Hillside Development Group addresses the Watseka City Council’s public works committee Tuesday night.

The Watseka City Council will consider hiring a project manager for the public works building construction.

At Tuesday’s public works committee meeting, public works director Marvin DeLahr introduced Bob Tincher of Hillside Development Group, who talked about his company and the work they do.

The city council has opted to take the water department back in house, and part of that process will include building a new public works building to house both public works and the water department.

Tincher said as a project manager his company will oversee all aspects of the project and that they many times find ways to save their clients money. The committee agreed to using Tincher’s company, a matter which will go before the full council next week.

With regard to the public works building, DeLahr said the site preparation is moving ahead. “The small metal shed will be relocated to the shooting range later this week,” he said. “Marquis (tree service) will be removing the trees within the footprint of the improvements. We’ve exposed the existing water mains on site and are waiting on a proposal from ERH to add valves and hydrants to the system. Morton Buildings will be installing sanitary sewer and storm sewer for the improvements,” he said. “We are working with the Ameren design department for the new electrical service.”

DeLahr said, too, that Robinson Engineering has given a revised proposal to help with the ager and wastewater operations. “Their original proposal was in the amount of $78,000 and that was put into the budget,” he said. “Since the work will not be as extensive this year the revised amount is $50,220.”

DeLahr also talked about a water main project on Belmont Avenue. “Rather than replace the water main on Belmont Avenue it may be a better decision to create a connector system between Brianna Drive and Clarence Avenue along East Elm Street,” he said. “This will create a loop from the wells on the sat side of town. The only water main from that area runs along East Walnut Street. If that system is interrupted thee will not be sufficient water flow because of the lack of wells in the center or west side of the city. In addition,” he said, “on North Third Street there needs to be a four-inch water main replaced with an eight-inch water main between Oak Street and Ash Street.”

As for the Fairman Avenue pump station, DeLahr said R&R Construction has been doing the construction for the project. “The lift station has been installed with the exception of the pumps and control panel. The pumps are scheduled for delivery early next month. Once the pumps are installed the remainder of the gravity flow portion south of Fairman can be completed along with the demolition of the old pump station.”

DeLahr told the committee that the playground equipment and pavilion damaged in storms earlier this summer have been removed. New equipment and a pavilion has been ode red to replace the damaged ones. The siding and repair work on the building at Forrest Park is being done by Freeman General Contracting, he said.

DeLahr said Precision Lawn Service has been mowing 55 properties this summer. The cost so far this year is $12,279.50.