A look at three athletes from Watseka who hope to make a mark with their respective fall sports team later this year:


Class of 2021, girls’ golf

She is most looking forward to ... hopefully getting to golf this year. I’m looking forward to finishing my senior year of golf with my team. I love getting to meet new people while golfing, and I just love golf. It’s just a different feeling — a good feeling that just makes me smile.

In her time with Watseka athletics ... I believe we are one of the most respectable schools when it comes to sports. And Watseka makes sure everyone is included. The team is a team, on and off the course.

The ongoing pandemic ... hasn’t really changed my view on competing in sports, just the fact that I think we all took sports for granted.


Class of 2022, girls’ tennis

She is most looking forward to ... the new friends. Tennis season gives me an opportunity to make deep friendships with the girls that I play with and even the girls I play against.

In her time with Watseka sports ... I feel that athletics are a great way to show that small schools have great potential and can be very competitive in the sports world despite the small amount of team members.

During the ongoing pandemic ... not being able to practice tennis actually on the courts has given me a chance to work on the mental part of the game. Sometimes, as we practice and play, we forget to focus on our mindset and staying grounded.


Class of 2022, boys’ soccer

He is most looking forward to ... bonding with teammates and showing the freshmen how we play, what we like to do, what the team culture is. And also just trying to get some wins this year.

With regard to his performance last season ... it was a great improvement (at goalkeeper). But I credit it a lot to my coaches for giving me the right development and showing me the right things to learn.

The ongoing pandemic ... almost makes me realize how for granted I took (soccer) sometimes. You miss it, and it’s kind of hard to be stuck inside sometimes. You really do realize it’s a special opportunity to be able to play sports day in and day out.