Watseka postal carrier Rosetta Larsen’s 25-year career with the U. S. Postal Service was recognized Friday.

Larsen retired after working in several positions with the post office through those 25 years, the last of which was as a carrier.

Her postal career started in Kankakee. then transferred to Watseka as a clerk. She was also a clerk in Clifton before becoming a carrier in Rantoul and then Watseka.

“Before that, I worked at the sheriff’s department. I was a sheriff’s deputy for two years,” she said. She worked under Sheriff Joe Mathy at that time. “And before that I had 10 years in the Air Force.”

Larsen grew up in Ohio. “The Air Force brought me to Rantoul and that’s when I stayed in this area,” she said. “I’ve lived in Crescent City since 1989.”

She has enjoyed her 25 years with the postal service.

“I’ve learned a lot,” she said. “I’ve met a lot of different people. I think that’s the hardest part of leaving is the people you meet and the friends you make and the families you watch grow. I’ve got kids that are going to high school now that I knew when they were little. That’s probably the biggest thing.”

There isn’t one specific incident that she sticks out to her while she was delivering mail, but she is thankful for all of the people she has met along the way.

She also is grateful for her dog, Jackson, a mini pinscher/dachshund she rescued 10 years ago while she was on a mail route. “The owners didn’t want him so they allowed me to take him. He’s been the best dog ever,” she said.

Larsen said she has enjoyed her time with the postal service. “Everything holds a special memory, whether it be good or bad,” she said.

Through the years she, like so many postal carriers around the country, has dealt with the different weather elements. She’s not seen it as a problem. She said she remembers one time, a few years ago, when the weather was bitterly cold and the roads were closed. “I think I was the only one delivering mail that day,” she said, also remembering that someone from the Times-Republic took her picture that day while she was working. “I had a snowmobile suit on plus I had my winter wear on. I had three pairs of gloves, a hat and a mask.

“Out of most of the year, you only spend 20 days in your whole year probably that are just horrible days, either rain, cold, storms or heat or whatever. For most of the year, it’s nice. It’s not bad at all. And if you come in with a good attitude, you’ll leave with a good attitude. If you come in with a bad attitude about the weather or about your route or about people or anything like that, then you’ll have a bad day. I’ve always been a positive person. Life’s too short.”

She plans now to travel and do home projects she’s not been able to do. “You know, things that you have to weigh your options,” she said.

She does have one goal that she plans to soon have as reality.

“I’m going to have a watch,” she smiled. “And there’s not going to be any hands on it and there’s not going to be any numbers. When somebody asks me what time it is, I’m going to say ‘It’s Rose’s time’.”

She said she has friends and family she hasn’t been able to see as much as she would like, so she plans on spending time with them.

“Take my time, drink my coffee, read the news,” she said. “I’m not a good get out of bed late person, so I don’t think I’ll be staying in bed too much longer.”

Rose’s time.