Photos of Marvin Perzee at an age of when he was in 4-H himself were shown.

Before Marvin Perzee died July 17 he wrote some “unspoken words”. This is what was written in the funeral card given out at his service July 25.

“As I travel from earth to the heavens above, I think of so many unspoken words I didn’t get to share.

“I wanted to thank so many people who have been such an important part of my life; my family, the farm and agricultural community, and the Iroquois County Fair including its fair board, superintendents and volunteers, those who were contributors, donors, sponsors, grantors or livestock buyers.

“My mother loved and inspired my life. She supported my involvement in 4-H and as an active sheep exhibitor at the County Fair. I learned to pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living through a lifetime involvement in 4-H. As a leader I have been privileged to work with really great youth who have made wonderful achievements.

“I have been blessed to reap the rewards of hard work, receive the love and affection of family, receive honors for my passions and meet some of the finest people on earth. From governors, legislators, State Officials and members of the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs to every last gate keeper and concessionaire. I respected and appreciated their friendship.

“I hope I have left this world a better place. I hope I have made a difference and I hope you know how important you were in my life. We have had so many wonderful memories and adventures and someday we will meet again.

“Thank you for the honor of knowing you and sharing in my life.”