In Watseka

Photo by Carla Waters

The last day for CR Cafe to be open in Watseka was June 13.

A Watseka business will be moving when the doors close at the end of business Thursday.

CR Cafe owner Candy Godbee made the announcement this week.

“I have enjoyed every minute I’ve been here,” she said. “I’ve learned a lot and I have actually learned that I have more of a passion for food than I ever thought I had.

“But unfortunately there’s just not enough business here in town to warrant me staying here,” she said. “There are other opportunities out there. I’m not at liberty to discuss what it is that I’m working on, but I am talking to another restaurant in another town that we could very easily work together. I’ve known the business and the town.

“Unfortunately the real world is, you have to go where the money is. I like to be creative. My jams and jellies have gotten way out there in left field. I’ve learned that I am a little more creative with food than I ever realized.”

The business has been opened in the spring of 2018 and offered breakfast and lunch, focusing on homemade items.

“I am sad,” she said. “There’s some really good people that I’ve met here in town. I’ve gained some real, true, genuine friends; some lifelong friendships.”

The last day the restaurant will be open to the public is Thursday, and then Godbee said she has a catering event and some orders for pies to fulfill.

“It really has been a pleasure to get to know some of the people and to try to get involved. I’ve been a volunteer all of my adult life,” she said. “Volunteering has always been part of my life.”

She has been involved with Watseka Rocks and has been a member of the Watseka Chamber of Commerce.

She said she has enjoyed that. “Hopefully there’s been some ideas sparked and things can move along, and make Watseka a more inviting community. Hopefully we’ve got some good starts on that.”