Photo by Kim Rabe

The second-graders at Crescent City Grade School recently concluded a study of animals. They each had an assigned animal to research and create a diorama on and these were the results. Their teacher is Kristin Marquis.

The second-grade students of Kristin Marquis at Crescent City Grade School had a study on animals and their habitats. To complete the unit, each student had an assigned animal and had to create a diorama depicting the animal in its natural habitat, such as rain forest, wetlands, desert, etc.

The students’ projects were as follows: Kaysen Medina – starfish, Lilyan Drawdy – porcupine, Brody Brown – snowy owl, Kylie Stanley – manatee, Garrett Hess — emerald tree boa, Sophia Mohler – sea otter, Jude Johnson – wetlands Florida panther, Trevor Martin – beaver, Ben Norder – scorpion, Jacob Quick – desert jack rabbit, Cooper DeLahr – seahorse; Gavin Kollmann – poison dart frog, and Wyatt Maxfield – spider monkey.