The Illinois State Police District 21 is warning the community in regards to a scam being reported in District 21, according to information provided.

According to reports, area residents are being called by a phone number that is spoofed to appear as if the number is actually from the Illinois State Police District 21.

The scam artist advise the resident that their social security number had been used in a drug smuggling operation and attempt to obtain personal information.

Please be advised, the Illinois State Police does not solicit over the phone. Troopers remind people they should always remain skeptical when they receive an unsolicited call by anyone demanding personal information over the phone. They advise to never give personal information over the phone, e-mail, etc.

Anyone who is concerned about possibly being scammed by someone claiming to be a representative from the Illinois State Police District 21 is encouraged to take the caller’s name and information, hang up, and contact District 21 (815-698-2332).