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Maggie Guimond poses with classmates, Deihl Leiding, Ethan LaBelle, Clay Dorsey, Evan Schaumburg, Hayden Courville and Jace Naese as they show their support for her and her fight against Crohn’s Disease.

One Watseka student recently received some support by her classmates and team during a volleyball game.

During their match up with the Hoopeston Cornjerkers, students at Watseka Community High School rallied around their classmate, Maggie Guimond, and showed their support for her during her battle with Crohn’s Disease.

Guimond, a junior at Watseka High School, has recently been at odds with the disease and was left hospitalized in Ohio at the start of the season.

“Once the girls heard that she was there, they were immediately texting and trying to figure out what they could do to show their support,” said Watseka head coach Krista Pufahl.

“They wanted to let her know they had her back, whether she was on the court with them or in the hospital,” she said.

“This is a great team who will fight tough life battles together.”

The team added the color purple to their attire to spread awareness about the disease, while certain members of the cheering section painted themselves to show their support.

“The support was fantastic and meant a lot,” said Guimond.

“It feels amazing to know Coach Pufahl and my girls have my back, as I have theirs.”

Guimond isn’t letting the disease get the best of her however and is determined to face her challenges head on.

“My parents have said from day one that we won’t let Crohn’s Disease define us. I am getting there, slowly, and sports is just apart of it. My dad said months ago that we are going to live life with Crohn’s and not the other way around,” she said.

“This disease may try to stop me, but it won’t, not on the volleyball court or anywhere else.”