The MCP Bearcats’ eight man football team learned the hard way just how cold post season football could really be this week. Thanks to Mother Nature, the field became enveloped in snow after Monday night’s snow event. But that didn’t stop them from getting out on the field and perfecting their craft before their semi-final match up with Flanagan Cornell on Nov. 16.

The removal of the snow from the field became top priority for coaches and volunteers alike with six total people offering up their assistance in the removal process.

“We all worked extremely hard to remove the snow from the field in order to provide the best playing surface for our team,” said MCP head coach Clint Schwartz.

Aside from Schwartz, volunteers offering up their assistance were Sid Allen, Nathan Giacchino, high school principal Steve Totheroh, baseball coach Greg DeWerff and grade school basketball coach Clint Liefer.

“I am very thankful to those who helped,” said Schwartz.

Thanks to their efforts, the snow was finally entirely removed on Nov. 13 and allowed for the Bearcats to take the field and resume business as usual for their practices.

“Our players were ready to go practice outside in the cold temperatures,” said Schwartz.

“They know there is a possibility that we have to play in conditions like we have had the past two days. Even though it was freezing cold, our players were able to focus in and have a great practice.”

With the semi-finals looming over head and the possibility of another championship around the quarter, the MCP Bearcats are as ready as ever to take on their opponent.

“Flanagan Cornell Woodland is a good football team that is well coached. They have a good running back and a good tight end. Their line is tough but our players are looking forward to the challenge,” Schwartz said.

The semi-final game will take place at Milford on Saturday Nov. 16.