The city council of Gilman had its regular meeting at 7 p.m. on June 10. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Rick Theesfeld. Council members who were present were Bill Kraft, Mike McGehee, Randy Eimen, Fred Voigt, John Elliott, and Steve Fancher.

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This month’s Unsung Hero is Watseka Warriors basketball assistant coach, Eric Starkey.

Champaign– Head Coach Brad Underwood announced Tuesday that Benjamin Bosmans-Verdonk has signed a Big Ten Tender of Financial Aid with the University of Illinois, according to a press release.


(DANVILLE, IL) – The Danville Dans scored in every inning except the fifth on the way to a franchise record 28 runs to defeat Lafayette Aviators 28-5 in Prospect League action Tuesday night, a…

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NEWTON COUNTY — As a result of the investigation into the alleged animal cruelty at Fair Oaks Farms, charges have been filed on three individuals for the beating of a vertebrate animal, Indian…

Kentland Bank’s President Kirby D. Drey announced that Christopher J. Both has joined Kentland Bank as vice president and loan officer.

CHICAGO — Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker made Illinois the most liberal state in the U.S. for access to reproductive health care with the stroke of 20 pens Wednesday at the Chicago Cultural Center.

I have the good luck to spend part of the winter in Arizona, specifically Cave Creek, a small town located ten miles north of Phoenix. There’s only one major thoroughfare, the four-lane Cave Creek Highway, which is essentially Main Street. It runs into Carefree, a city of similar size, but i…

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Welcome to parenthood! You are a proud new father, simultaneously overjoyed and terrified. Since you are now responsible for another human being, you should know that the estimate of what it will cost to raise your child is approximately a quarter of a million dollars, without accounting for inflation. If you would like to send him or her to college, you will probably need at least that much more.

A 2017 report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated the cost of raising a child from birth to age 17 at $233,610 ($284,570 adjusted for inflation). That is for the average middle-income couple; costs ranged from families in the Northeast that will spend around $264,090 to residents in the urban Midwest and rural regions who will spend about $227,400 and $193,020, respectively.

Unfortunately, that figure is not likely to drop, and inflation-adjusted w...

How People Spend Money On Father's Day Gifts

6 Best Buys For Father's Day

Cost of Raising a Child

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Americans appear to be feeling more confident in their finances – at least with respect to their credit card payments.

According to a new survey from, more Americans are paying their credit card bills in full. As of January 2019, 39% of survey respondents paid all credit card bills in full over the last six months and 69% paid at least half of their bills in full over the same time period.

"It's great news that more Americans are paying their card statement balances in full each month," said Chief Industry Analyst Matt Schulz. "Job No. 1 for anyone with a credit card is to pay your balance off as soon as possible, and it's a positive sign that more Americans are able to do that every month."

If consumers follow through on their survey statements, momentum for full payments will keep growing.

Almost half (48%) of respondents are very confident they will pay all credit card bills in full for the current month's ...

Credit Card Grace Periods

When You Don't Have A Credit Card Grace Period

Credit Card Interest Rate Hikes 101

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Father's Day is coming up on June 17th. What can you get Dad to celebrate his special day without loading up the credit cards? Sometimes simpler gifts are the best. Simpler gifts may also be your only option if you are young and short on cash, or if your credit is not up to scratch right now. You can check your credit score and read your credit report for free within minutes by joining MoneyTips.

What does your Dad like to do in his spare time (if he has any)? What are his hobbies and his favorite activities outside of work? With a bit of recon before Father's Day and the occasional leading question, you can get some idea of what he might like or need. Hint: if Dad is like 99.9% of Dads, the best choice is not aftershave or a necktie — no matter how cool the necktie is. ...

How People Spend Money On Father's Day Gifts

Five Fun Financial Facts: Father’s Day - #1 of 5

Costs of Being a Dad

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Father's Day will be here soon. Have you picked up anything for Dad yet?

You probably will, if statistics count for anything. In 2019, spending on Father's Day will account for an estimated record $15.96 billion in sales, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). That's a pretty impressive number – not in the league with Christmas, but not far behind the spending levels of Valentine's Day and Easter.

While Father's Day spending is substantial, the total of $15.96 billion and average of $139 in 2019 is surpassed by the record $24.95 billion total and $196 average spent on Mother's Day – and the gap is expected to grow in the future. Sor...

6 Best Buys For Father's Day

Five Fun Financial Facts: Father’s Day - #1 of 5

How the Federal Reserve Affects Loan Rates

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Total student debt in America is almost $1.5 trillion, while the average person with education debt in 2018 owed between $20,000 and $24,999. This massive debt load threatens the ability of recent and future graduates to reach their goals of home ownership and economic independence.

How can you successfully get your children through college without subjecting them to suffocating debt obligations? You may not be able to escape completely debt-free, but here are five ways to lighten the load of student debt as much as possible.

1. Start Saving Early – You can't beat the preemptive approach. Use the power of compound interest and start saving as early as possible for your child's education. Don't wait until the junior high or high school years — establish your fund before he or she starts grade school. Put away wh...

Paying For College – More Planning, Less Borrowing (Infographic)

3 Alternatives To Student Loans

Is Your Diploma Worth the Debt Load?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a boundary is defined as “a line that marks the limits of an area.” In more straightforward terms, it’s the line you clearly draw so that others know not to cross it. Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships, whether that’s among friends, within the workplace or in a romantic partnership.

Root canals and comedy clubs. It’s true that one is significantly more pleasant than the other, but they share the same goal: To put a smile on your face. There is another commonality. Both are among the patient services at Brockport Smiles, a dental office with a fresh approach to patient care and oral health.

During this past winter, there seemed to be three types of weather in Bucks and Montgomery counties – cold, icy and snowy. Sometimes it was a combo platter. Cold mixed with snow. Cold mixed with ice. Cold mixed with snow and ice.

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Highlights of this day in history: The Watergate scandal begins to unfold; The Battle of Bunker Hill during the American Revolution; O.J. Simpson arrested in the slayings of his ex-wife Nicole and Ronald Goldman; Singer Kate Smith dies. (June 17)

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump's reelection campaign has severed ties with some of its pollsters after the leak of months-old surveys showed him trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in key states, according to multiple reports. The moves come ahead of the official launch of Trump's campaign at a Tuesday rally in the battleground state of Florida, and as an NBC-Wall Street Journal poll ...

GEOQUIZ: Missouri is bordered by eight states. Name them. Answer: Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Tennessee. ___ (c)2019 Chicago Tribune Visit Chicago Tribune at Distributed by Tribune Content Agency, LLC. KeyWords:: BC-GEOQUIZ:TB BC GEOQUIZ TB

Climate change and other consequences of carbon pollution will shape lives around the world for generations, sweeping across class lines and international borders. Lamentably, America's deep partisan divide has become impassable ground for most attempts to confront this worsening crisis. A strong consensus on environmental issues and pragmatic solutions must be developed by our nation's ...

As bad as the pace and scope of the nation's mass shootings have become, with death tallies sometimes counted in the dozens, chances are good that they are only going to get worse. And you can blame gun manufacturers and firearms enthusiasts who are driving a market for ever-larger high-capacity gun magazines. The Trace reports that firearms accessory manufacturers are "have developed a new ...

Lakeview College of Nursing recently awarded a bachelor of science in nursing degree to 52 students during the College’s spring commencement ceremony held in Danville, according to a news releas. The following were recognized: