In Buckley

BUCKLEY — A Buckley resident told the village board during its Jan. 6 meeting that water issues in her basement have apparently disappeared after a collapsed drainage tile along U.S. 45 was repaired recently.

Also at the meeting:

•Trustee Peggy Shockley asked if new maps could be created showing the locations of drainage tile and water lines in the village. Years ago, she said, there were books that included such maps, but none can be found now. Village maintenance employee Donnie Miller said he has been mapping any repairs made to tile and water lines.

•The board granted Miller permission to obtain cost estimates for tin under the roof of the Buckley Lake’s pavilion. Miller said birds gather under the roof and make nests, then defecate on the tables. Also, kids have been seen climbing into the rafters, Miller said.

•Board President Sheree Stachura said she received a letter from a Champaign newspaper saying it was putting together a “Best of the Decades Salute” to community members. Anything that has been named after a significant person or dedicated in that person’s name may qualify. Trustee Shane Stachura was looking into possibilities in Buckley.

•ERH Enterprises Inc., the Westville-based company contracted to maintain Buckley’s water system, reported that all required water samples had been completed, the monthly operating reports had been submitted, equipment had been serviced, water meters had been read, and a new service tap was made at 103 E. Lincoln St.