The Milford/Cissna Park Bearcats have done something the Bearcats haven’t done since 1994. The team has gone 9-0 in the regular season.

“Our kids deserve to enjoy this time. They’ve put in a lot of work.

“Tonight was senior night and our seniors played real well,” said head coach Clint Schwartz.

The final score against the River Ridge Wildcats was 72-44 Friday night.

The first quarter started with a Wildcat touchdown and extra points at the 8:06 mark.

But quickly, at 6:52 Penn Stoller threw a pass to Nick Allen to get the Bearcats on the board. The team didn’t get the extra point, and the score was 6-8.

It was the Wildcats which scored next with a 13-yard pass with two extra points at the 4:17 mark.

Three plays later and Allen again ran the ball into the end zone. No extra points were gained on this score, and the tally was 12-16.

On the Wildcats’ first play with the ball, Trey Totheroh recovered a fumbled Wildcats ball at the 30 yard line.

It was Angel Salinas who took the Bearcats’ ball into the end zone next, at the 2:57 mark, and no extra points were gained. But — the Bearcats ended the quarter with the lead, 18-16.

In the second quarter, a minute and half in, Alex Barney picked up a Wildcats fumble. The Bearcats worked the ball down to their own one-yard line, but the Wildcats kept the team from getting into the end zone.

When the Wildcats got the ball, the team was stalled by Bearcat defense and the Wildcats unable to get of the 10-yard area would end up losing the ball to Stoller for the Bearcats to gain two points.

A minute later Keegan Boyle got the Bearcats next touchdown, and Barney took the ball in for two more points.

With less than two minutes left Salinas got a touchdown and two extra points. The score was 36-16.

On the Wildcats next play Jarid Woodby recovered a Wildcats lost ball to gain possession.

With 55 seconds on the clock Allen caught a 39-yard pass in the end zone and Salinas got the two extra points.

The half ended 44-16.

The third quarter was a quieter one when Stoller ran in with pick six touchdown, and no extra points were gained. Score was 50-16.

With 19 seconds on the clock the Wildcats intercepted a Stoller pass.

The fourth quarter picked up in frenzy, and with the Wildcats with the ball Wildcats’ Caleb Rhodes took the ball in for a touchdown at 10:51. No extra points were gained. Score 50-22.

Both teams would score a few more times through the two minute mark. Going into the last two minutes of the game the score was 66-38. The Wildcats got their last touchdown of the game at 1:34, taking the score to 66-44.

But the Bearcats weren’t done. In the teams first play with the ball Salinas ran the ball 46 yards into the end zone. Score 72-44.

The Wildcats would get the ball back to try again, but with 25 seconds on the clock Boyle intercepted a pass and the Bearcats would run the clock down to end the game.

The Bearcats will go into another playoffs, having won the championship game of last year’s eight-man football playoffs.

Though the team has a 9-0 record now, when it’s time for playoff it all starts again — 0-0.

Coming up for the MCP family, Schwartz said the team will watch the playoff rankings together tonight.

He said next week the team expects to have a bye week, but its first playoffs game should be at home the next week.