Photo by Wendy Davis

Onarga Village Board Trustee gives an update on public safety, and adding stop signs at two intersections, within the village.

The pool in Onarga is getting repaired, and it’s expected to be open next year.

This was one of the topics at Monday evening’s village board meeting.

Trustee Russ Geisler said the pool had “everything you could imagine” wrong with it. It stemmed from the way it was installed the last time.

Trustee Holly Zirkle said the concrete needed fixed. And while repairs are happening, the heater will get fixed, as well.

Village board president Shane Cultra said a pool cover should be purchased, too, as long as they’re trying to get the pool in the best condition.

The cost was less than expected, said Zirkle, and the village will be allowed to pay it in three installment.

Cultra said he will talk to Rep. Tom Bennett and Sen. Jason Barickman about grant monies which could be available. The Mary Helen Roberts Trust could still be applied for, as well.

With the pool expected to be open next year, the board agreed Becky Morgan should run it.

Related to the pool, the village is wanting to do something with the landscaping of the park.

Geisler said he would walk a representative of Bailey Nursery around to see what options there are for trees.

As for projects around town, the board approved spending $6,886.11 for preliminary engineering by IDOT for the North Evergreen project. Along with that were two resolutions as part of the Illinois Highway Code.

The village is still looking for bids for the sidewalk work on Chestnut Street.

In the safety report, the board approved putting stop signs at the intersection of Grant and Walnut for traffic control. Stop signs will also be added on Poplar Street at both the north and south intersection with First Street.

Police chief Doug Brenner said he’s still working on the truck route issue with the state.

He also said he’s looking into setting up an ordinance judge to hear cases within Onarga. He said it should be a “minimal” cost, and keep the village from having to use its attorney at the courthouse.

Plus, he’d like to see local fines be accepted at the village hall. He said because Onarga is home rule it would be a matter of changing by resolution.

Finally, clean up days in Onarga have been set for Aug. 26-27 for the east side of town and Aug. 28-29 for the west side. No batteries, oil, paint or yard waste will be accepted.

The board approved Fairley to take away the trash at a cost of $140 per ton.

Geisler said Brenner has been out in the community talking with property owners who need to get in compliance, letting them know of the clean up days coming up.

“Most people are compliant but some people need a little extra encouragement,” Brenner said.