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The 2019 Ford-Iroquois Pork Queen Taylor Marcum is taking the reign from 2018 queen Hailey Lucht.

This year’s Ford-Iroquois Pork Queen has been named, Taylor Marcum.

Marcum, 18, is from Gibson City but her 4-H club is in Crescent City. She said her parents, Tracy and Michelle Marcum, were members of Iroquois County 4-H in their youths. She also follows her sister, Jordynn, who was not only a long-time 4-Her but also the Ford-Iroquois Pork Queen in 2016.

She’s a 10-year member of the Crescent City Barn Bangers 4-H Club.

She said she’s one of six members of the small club, and is proud to be part of it because of all the community service work it does.

She’s also proud to work within the Iroquois County Fair, she said. “It’s one of the larger fairs, and there’s a lot of different 4-H clubs within it.”

For 10 years she has showed pigs in the Iroquois County Fair; and Iroquois County 4-Hers show a lot of different breeds, which is great, she said.

She said she was introduced to the Tamsworth breed. “I thought that was interesting.” Her favorite breed is the poland china, “even thought they’re so ugly”.

This year she became the area’s pork producers’ pork queen.

“I like pigs. It’s a huge industry. There’s a lot more to swine than what’s in the stores.”

She said, “I’m excited to not only watch the kids and meet new people, but I really want to get a message about the pork industry.”

She said something she’s wanting to get focus on is biosecurity, especially in swine trade with countries like China where swine flu can kill a pig in a week.

Marcum has had other interests. She’s has also shown horses and sheep when she was younger. She said sheep were hard to show when they were controlling her more than she was controlling them. Horses, they interfered with showing swine.

She has also entered visual arts projects, pottery and drawings for showing.

Marcum graduated from Gibson City High School last year.

This fall, she said, she plans on studying animal science/nutrient at Southern Illinois University — Carbondale.