The Milford Area Public Schools are wanting to be available to students struggling with the recent loss of their classmate.

Counselors have been available, and will continue to be available, to help in the grieving process, said superintendent Michele Lindenmeyer.

On Tuesday, Iroquois County Sheriff’s Police released that a 17-year-old Sheldon girl has been murdered, and Arthur C. Jensen, 49, has been arrested for the crime. Coroner Bill Cheatum has released that her name is Adara J. Bunn.

Lindenmeyer said of Bunn, who would have been a junior this school year — “She was an incredibly special young woman. The school and the community will miss her.”

Lindenmeyer said the school district’s crisis team had met to set up ways counselors could connect with students. From 8 a.m. until noon Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week councilors Jill Brown and Sarah Swartzentruber would be available to students, or parents who are asking for help with their children. If someone can’t make it in those times, then it’s suggested a call be made to the school and an appointment can be set up.

School starts for students Aug. 21, and Lindenmeyer said the crisis team will meet before then to make a plan “for support at the beginning of the year, and through the year as it’s needed”.

“The loss of a student is devastating to not just the school but also the community, and that’s not to mention the family. Our first thought is with the family, but we want to make sure our students handle their emotions properly.”

She said students are dealing with grief and a lack of understanding of not just the situation, but also not understanding why something like this would happen. She said they may also have a concern for their own safety.

“Our goal is to provide support to students to help with their fears and their loss.”

Lindenmeyer said other school districts have reached out to the MAPS district to offer their own support in the loss. She said there has been an extension of using other district’s counselor if needed. “It’s been very helpful, very thoughtful.”

The number for Milford High School is 815-889-4184 and the number for the Milford Grade School is 815-889-4174.