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Photo by Wendy Davis

The MAPS District 124 Board of Education meets to conduct the month’s business.

The Milford Area Public Schools District 124 did not receive grant monies for its preschool program.

The was one of the topics at Wednesday’s school board meeting.

Superintendent Michelle Lindenmeyer said the state said the grant “met the criteria”, but there wasn’t enough money to be doled.

She went over the tentative FY20 budget, and a budget hearing was set for 5 p.m. Sept. 25.

Lindenmeyer noted that the education fund was hit by having to cover the cost of preK. The cost is about $200,000, and there was no remaining money in the line item. Last year, she said, the district didn’t get grant money for it, but there were funds from the year before remaining.

The operations and maintenance fund also shows red, but this is because there was money from the FY19 budget planned to use on several projects, including parking lots, lighting, and the ballfields.

She explained that the budget is “a spending plan”, and there shouldn’t be too much to fear. Last year the budget was $400,000 in the red, but with careful spending it ended up in the black at year end.

She updated the board on where some of those projects are at in completion.

It’s still planned to work on the south parking lot, the office lot at the district office and the west lot. The goal is to get them done by winter.

There’s fencing at the north part of the football field, and other fencing is getting repaired.

The new greenhouse has been delivered. The board asked Lindenmeyer to find options of what to do with the old one.

The rigging at the stage has been done.

She said they’re still waiting on figures for the baseball field, but the village did give the district the variance to do the work.

Jan Lavicka was at the meeting representing the Milford Park Board.

She asked the board if it would be okay for the park board to attach pending surveillance cameras placed at the park and pool to the school district’s WiFi.

Lindenmeyer said she needed to check the WiFi capacity and the security of letting an outside group use it.

There will be a meeting between Lindenmeyer, Lavicka and MAPS technology personnel.

Enrollment districtwide has increased since last year, but Lindenmeyer said the number fluctuates. “Enrollment changes daily.”

She said the number at the grade school is about the same, 314, where the high school has more students than last year, 196.

There are two foreign exchange students: one from Denmark and one from Spain.

The principals submitted their reports.

The administration team will start a book study soon.

Also on the night of the meeting, there was a representative from the Illinois Association of School Boards who conducted a leadership training in closed session. The reason for this training was to give new board members an introduction to being a board member, as well as a refresher for longer serving members and the new to the district superintendent.

Lindenmeyer said she let the board know there are property owners near the school willing to sell to the district if the district were interested. No more information was given about this.