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Illinois State Rifle Association Junior Rifle Team members David Denson and Josie Peters won numerous awards at the National N.R.A. Rifle Championships in Bristol, Indiana.

Josie Peters and David Denson, both products of the Iroquois West – Clifton Central H.S. Rifle Team program and former team coach James Miller, all brought home numerous awards from the N.R.A. National Outdoor Smallbore Rifle Championships. The Nationals were on the St. Joseph Valley Rifle Club one hundred firing point range located at Bristol, Indiana July 18-30.

Both were members of the five person Illinois State Rifle Association Junior Team. The team won the over-all three position team championship. Additionally, Josie and David were the two person team which won the metric prone any sights junior team championship. Throughout the conventional metric prone aggregates, David Denson frequently won sharpshooter class awards and totally dominated the any sight aggregate sharpshooter competition. Josie Peter’s list of impressive accomplishments included: conventional position grand aggregate expert class champion, metric prone grand aggregate junior champion, and overall prone junior champion. Additionally, Josie was an alternate on the Drew Cup Junior National Team and qualified, for the second year in a row, as a firing member of the Ladies Randle International Team which competes with ladies teams from Great Britain and Common Wealth Nations.

Jim Miller shot steadily over the seven days of conventional and metric prone aggregates. Miller was near the top of the conventional prone grand aggregate, but failed to place against tough senior category (age 65 and older) competitors. In metric prone, Miller was top senior in iron sights competition and second place senior in the metric aggregate. When both the conventional and metric aggregates were totaled, Miller won the Overall Prone National Senior Championship with two points to spare out of a possible 7,200 point aggregate. Seventy-five year old Jim Miller, for his efforts, won the Sam Bond Memorial Trophy, which he had previously won in 2016, and numerous other awards. Miller was also named to the Wakefield U. S. International Team which annually competes against the British in a sixty shot match on fifty meter metric targets.

The winning trio appreciates the training opportunities provided to them by the Iroquois County Law Enforcement Association Shooting Range at Crescent City and the Illinois State Rifle Association Shooting Range complex located near Bonfield. Free training ammo for juniors was provided by the State Rifle Association’s Thursday night smallbore league. The Illinois State Rifle Association also provided junior team shirts for the entire team and coaches.