Photo by Wendy Davis

Iroquois County Board Judicial and Public Safety Committee Chairman Lyle Behrends takes part in Tuesday’s full board meeting.

The Iroquois County Board got a summary from the judicial and public safety committee.

At Tuesday’s full board meeting, the board approved a resolution to participate in the state’s attorney appellate prosecutor program. States attorney Jim Devine told the committee the annual charge is $9,000.

The committee minutes were ready by committee chairman Lyle Behrends.

Judge James Kinzer told the committee he’s retiring Aug. 2, and judge Mike Sabol will be named the next circuit judge. Behrends said Kinzer told the group judge Mike Sabol will likely be named the next circuit judge. Sabol is running for the seat in the November election, but he’s running unopposed.

Other department head reports were also part of the minutes.

Coroner Bill Cheatum told the committee he has two deputies who cover for him when he is off and they also work one weekend each month. A temporary change is being made due to one of the deputies accepting a promotion. He said he’s spoken to board chairman John Shure and finance manager Jill Johnson about selecting someone from his deputies list and paying them from his automation fund once a month until his other deputy knows what his schedule will be, according to the minutes of the committee meeting.

Circuit clerk Lisa Hines told the committee a total of $47,906.90 was received by her office, of which was $5,275.45 from Credit Collection Partners and $1,225.71 from IDROP which is the state comptroller.

Eric Raymond gave the ETSB report.

In January there were a total of 1,900 telecommunicator calls: 1,309 police, 113 fire, 323 ambulance, 129 change of quarters, 17 coroner and nine animal control. There were 751 9-1-1 calls and 3,795 non emergency calls. Telecommunicators worked 49 hours of overtime and the director worked no hours on the radio.

Raymond told the committee the ETSB approved a GIS system costing $85,000 and a recording system costing $20,000.

Barb King gave the probation report.

In the adult division, there were 13 new admissions taking the total caseload to 196. There were 21 sex offender clients and seven domestic violence clients. There were 33 administrative active and three inactive. There were seven cases closed. There were 21 investigation reports and one individual on GPS/alcohol monitoring. There were six clients added with 670 hours added. There was one who completed work and there were 240 hours completed. There are 9,590 hours remaining.

In the juvenile division, there were two new admissions taking the caseload to 32. There were 24 pretrial pending/referral cases. There were 10 cases closed. There were seven investigation reports. There were four who had detention screenings and three who were detained. Two juveniles were in detention as of of Jan. 25. A total of 65 days were used in the Vermilion County Youth Detention Center. Two clients were added for public service work with 48 hours added. One client completed work; a total of 120 hours completed. There are 768 hours remaining.

There were a total of 39 successful field contacts and 489 office client contacts. A total of 28 investigations were done, and there were eight urinalysis and blood alcohol content tests done. The total caseload in the office is 305.

Derek Hagen gave the sheriff’s department report.

In January there were 624 calls for service, a 19 percent decrease from last year. There were 54 prisoners booked in, a 42 percent increase from last year. The average daily population was 34, a 36 percent increase from last year.

Overtime at the jail was 244 hours, and 198 part time hours were used.

Hagen told the committee with the hiring of the two new deputies, there will be only three hours of the day where there is just one deputy covering the area. Both new deputies were correctional officers before hiring. They are in a 14-week academy set to graduate April 17. There was one correctional officer hired and in a five-week academy set. There are three new squad cars ordered and they should arrive in April.

He gave additional claims including reimbursements for a winter conference, radio and other equipment for the new squad cars, reimbursement for two of his staff to recover evidence in Colorado for a recent homicide and training for the two new deputies attending the 14-week academy.

From the transportation and highway committee, the board approved the Jan. 29 bid lettings.

Appointments approved included Mark Kollmann, drainage commissioner of 61 Martinton and iroquois Drainage District, and Richard Scott Saxsma, drainage commissioner of 45-47 Onarga, Douglas, and Danforth Drainage District.

It approved the resignation of Donald West as drainage commissioner of 49 Papineau-Martinton Drainage District.

It approved Michelle Fairley, Rodney Yergler and James Tungate as members of the Iroquois County Public Health Department Board of Health.