County board meeting

Iroquois County Board Chairman Rod Copas talks during yesterday’s board meeting as Andrew Garrett of Garrett Discovery listens.


The Iroquois County Board has been asked to look into adopting an “internet, computer and equipment usage policy” that will then be enforced.

The request came from Andrew Garrett, whose title is computer forensic expert at Garrett Discovery of Decatur, to the county board yesterday morning after he said his analysis has uncovered “possibly illegal and unethical activities” by former Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department employees. He was contacted initially, he said, by county board chairman Rod Copas. The company was “retained to examine hard drive images created by Clifton, Larson and Allen Accounting firm in response to a forensic financial audit requested by the Ford-Iroquois County Health Department Board for evidence of waste, fraud and/or abuse.”

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